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MCA Board Application

Interested in joining MCA’s Board?

Our Mission

Minnesota Citizens for the Arts (MCA) is a diverse statewide grassroots arts advocacy organization that organizes the arts community to lobby Minnesota’s State Legislature, Governor, Arts Board and Congressional delegation to ensure opportunity for all Minnesotans to have access to and involvement in the arts. 

Who We Represent

MCA represents the arts community of Minnesota at the State Legislature and in Congress. Our members and member organizations make up a broad community that includes arts organizations, individual artists, presenting organizations, and organizations involved in arts education, as well as people passionate about arts advocacy from every corner of the state. In an effort to be more inclusive and wide-reaching, MCA also serves artists and makers of all kinds and from all communities who want to have a greater voice in arts advocacy and arts funding in Minnesota.

MCA’s Board of Directors

MCA is committed to maintaining a culture of diversity and equity in our arts advocacy. We seek to assemble a board that fully represents the various cultures, backgrounds and viewpoints held by Minnesotans.  As a membership body, our strength is in our promise to be inclusive. Therefore, MCA embraces candidates from diverse populations and/or underrepresented groups to continue to achieve our mission.

In accordance with MCA’s by-laws, the Board is comprised of 36 people; one member from each of the eleven Regional Arts Council geographic areas; ten from organizations receiving grants from the Minnesota State Arts Board and the remainder from the population at large. Eighteen members must live in the seven-county metropolitan area and the rest must live in greater Minnesota.

The board contains representatives from every corner of the arts community from the largest organizations to the smallest from many different disciplines, and from individual artists to specialists in arts education. This means that when we are working together we bring a complete and diverse set of perspectives in addition to the resources that each sector can offer.

One of the reasons that MCA is so successful at the legislature is that our board comes from every corner of the state. This means that if we have an issue with a specific district, there is always someone on the board that we can call on who lives in or near that important area and can help us educate the legislator from that district about the importance of the arts. 

What are the Board’s Duties?

  1. Oversight: The board meets to advise the staff and discuss policies, political strategy, planning and their own participation in grassroots advocacy as it pertains to the arts. The Board hires the Executive Director. The Executive Director is responsible for other hires and managing the organization to meet the Board’s policy goals.
  2. Represent: Each board member represents a sector of the Minnesota arts community or the greater community at large. Board members are expected to be in contact with their colleagues in the arts community.
  3. Participate: Board members are expected to attend all MCA board and committee meetings, as well as events such as Advocacy Day.
  4. Participate some more: Each board member must serve on at least one committee but may serve on more.
  5. Take Initiative: Be an active volunteer for MCA.
  6. Communicate and Build Relationships: Be an active advocate for the arts.

Interested in applying?