Vote Yes Nov. 4 – Pass it On!

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November 2, 2008

Vote YES on November 4

We urge you to vote ‘Yes\\’ on the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment. Minnesota\\’s arts and conservation communities have worked hard to get to this election day. Arts advocates have led throughout the campaign, from volunteering, to emailing everyone on their lists to vote Yes, to putting signs in their yards and windows to talking to everyone they know about the importance of passing the amendment for Minnesota\\’s future.

Now make sure to take the most important step – voting YES!

With your support, we can guarantee funding to protect and preserve Minnesota’s water and land, parks and trails, and arts and cultural organizations. As you know, these are the things that make Minnesota a truly great place to live.

You may not know that Minnesota\\’s entire congressional delegation (Representatives Walz, Kline, Ramstad, McCollum, Ellison, Bachmann, Peterson, and Oberstar, and Senators Klobuchar and Coleman) have all endorsed the Amendment. Many of their challengers have also endorsed it. In fact, it may be the only thing that Al Franken, Norm Coleman and Dean Barkley agree on!

The Amendment has also been endorsed by over 350 trusted civic, conservation and cultural organizations* – including Minnesota Citizens for the Arts, Ducks Unlimited, the Audubon Society, Conservation Minnesota and the League of Women Voters. All of these great organizations have endorsed the proposal because they believe as I do, that it will help preserve the Minnesota we love for future generations.

Please Vote Yes on November 4, and remember, leaving your ballot blank is the same as voting no.


Sheila Smith
Executive Director
Minnesota Citizens for the Arts

(*To see the whole list, visit



B. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED on Election Day and Nov. 1

C. Which Candidates Support the Arts?



We have no doubt that the majority of Minnesotans support the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment. Every poll has confirmed broad support from across Minnesota. Our problem continues to be that …if you skip the question, the state automatically votes “no” for you. Will this technicality be the only thing that prevents us from ensuring stable funding for clean water, land conservation, and the arts? Don’t let that happen! Please forward this message to everyone you know in Minnesota:

“Vote Yes on the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment. Make Your Own Choice – Don’t let the Government Vote For You! ”

There is a huge network of artists and arts supporters in Minnesota, not all of whom get arts alerts. Please make sure everyone you know, knows to “Vote Yes!”



Take Election Day off to Help Promote the Amendment: While the polls have been looking good for the Amendment, over 40% of Minnesotans STILL haven’t heard about it. This is a problem because if voters skip the amendment, the state will vote “NO” for you. So, we need help on election day to do visability all over town making sure people are thinking about the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment when they walk into their polling place. Can you take the day off and join us? Many of our partner organizations are asking their staff and boards to spend the day as part of this effort.

Contact Justin at 651-644-2088 or to volunteer.


C. Which Candidates Support the Arts?

Download MCA’s ARTS VOTER GUIDE from

MCA has put the arts positions of all of the candidates into a single place so you can educate yourself. It includes statements from the Presidential candidates about the arts, voting records of our members of Congress and the results of MCA’s arts issues survey of legislative candidates from around the state. Don’t go to the polls without checking it out! Check out our website to see which candidates support the arts. This year almost 50% of all State Legislature candidates up for election responded to our survey. You can also download a pdf version of our survey to take with you to the polls on Nov 4th.To look in depth at legislators’ responses to our questionnaire, go to: