Virtual Arts Advocacy Day Was Huge But There’s Still Time to Act!

Virtual Arts Advocacy Day Was Huge!

You sent over 1300 Calls and Letters to Legislators in one day, beating our goal by over 300 letters!

But Action on the Bill Has Been Delayed:
There is Still Time to Act

The House bill passed out of committee over a week ago, but still has not been heard on the House floor due to controversies about other sections of the bill. This gives us more time to contact legislators before they take final action on arts funding.

Over 1300 calls and letters and emails were delivered to legislators last Friday. Thank you for taking action! Legislators are much more aware of our goal of 50% and know their constituents care about the arts and want legislators to protect arts funding. Arts funding goes through the Minnesota State Arts Board (MSAB) and Regional Arts Council (RAC) system to ensure access to the arts for Minnesotans in every county of the state.

Because the bill has been delayed on the House side (over controversies in the Parks and Land fund areas, not about the arts), we have more time to contact legislators than we thought. If you haven’t had a chance yet to use our quick online system to contact your legislators, now is the time!

(PHOTO: actual photo of computer being used to send message to legislators. Your computer could look just like this!)

Tell your legislators:
“Please ensure that at least 50% of the Arts Legacy Fund goes to the MSAB/RAC system.”

The next two years of Minnesota’s arts funding is on the line.

MCA has always advocated that 50% of the Arts Legacy Fund should be appropriated to the MSAB/RACs.
Here’s how the percentage has decreased:
– 47% in 2009
– 43% in 2011
– 41% proposed by the House Committee last week.

At this rate, we could see the percentage drop into the 30s in the next round. We believe this dangerous trend must be stopped.

We believe that your voices can stop this erosion. The time to act is now!

The legislature is still creating the bills that will fund the arts, and the bill could come up on the House floor any day, which gives us a small window of time to urge for changes in the bill.

The Arts Legacy Fund has been an enormous help to the arts community through all of Minnesota, but the continual legislative addition of non-arts spending is eroding the percentage that goes to the MSAB/RAC system. This erosion makes less money available for grants to our state’s arts organizations and artists, making them less secure now and for future generations.


State arts funding via the grants of the Minnesota State Arts Board and Regional Arts Councils help people in every corner of the state, making the arts accessible to Minnesotans no matter where you live. The MSAB/RACs get funding from two places, the General Fund and the Arts Legacy Fund.

The bad news is that Minnesota has another multi-billion dollar deficit, which means the portion of support for the arts that comes from the General Fund is competing against all other things in state government to avoid cuts. As for Arts Legacy funding, legislators keep coming up with ideas to divert it to other non-arts projects such as stadiums. (In fact an amendment was offered and voted down to do just that yesterday).

Even more bad news is that the House bill, just released, erodes the percentage of the Arts Legacy Fund that goes to the MN State Arts Board and Regional Arts Councils from our goal of 50% to just 41%, a difference of $10 million.

What can you do? It’s simple!

Just click below to send a quick email to your legislators & the Governor asking them to support the arts. There is nothing to it!

Take action now!
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