Michelle Kiley currently serves as the Executive Director at Great River Arts (GRA) – a multi-disciplinary, nonprofit arts organization in greater Minnesota. GRA’s mission is “to enrich lives through the arts, becoming a hub for the Morrison County area, by playing a significant role in sustaining the community’s artistic and economic vibrancy.” Michelle holds a B.A. in Local and Urban Affairs and an M.S. in Tourism, Planning, and Development from St. Cloud State University.

Michelle grew up watching and admiring her father – an accomplished visual artist. From this experience, she developed a deep love of the arts (and its many forms) and an artist’s ability to transform familiar objects into something extraordinary.

In addition to her work at GRA, Michelle is an experienced community development professional and emerging entrepreneur/public artist. She believes that communities possess a variety of shared spaces that can be artfully designed to engage individuals, both young and old. It is in those spaces, Michelle becomes inspired. She believes that creativity and ingenuity are not only valuable strategies, but necessary to positively impact today’s most pressing social challenges and to cultivate mindful cities.

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Michelle Kiley