Leslie LeCuyer, Greater MN At Large member, has served as the Executive Director of the Central MN Arts Board (CMAB) since 2003. The CMAB is one of Minnesota’s eleven regional arts councils. She is a freelance artist, and a former Minnesota elected official having served four years on the Sherburne County Board of Commissioners and eight years in the House of Representatives. While in the Legislature the committees she served on included: K- 12 finance, Education policy, Agriculture policy, Transportation, Local Government and the Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCMR). She studied art and psychology at St. Cloud State University. Her hobbies include pyrography, drawing, mosaics, writing, camping, fishing and hunting. She is well known throughout the district for her articulate and persuasive advocacy for the arts. She says “I believe in the MCA mission and its activities. Art is part of the Soul of Humanity thereby worthy of public support.”

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Leslie LeCuyer