Poll Shows Support for Arts


1. State Fair Polls Show Support for the Arts

2. Economic Impact Study of the Arts – Act Now! Deadline Extended to September 16

3. Hurricane Katrina Prompts Response from Arts Community

1. State Fair Polls Show Support for the Arts

Every Year the House and Senate conduct polls at the Minnesota State Fair to take the public’s temperature on a variety of issues. This year, both polls had arts questions, and we are pleased to report that the arts came out ahead:


Background: Two years ago MCA worked to include the arts in a bill that would constitutionally dedicate funds to the environment and other conservation issues. This bill looks like it will be coming back for consideration next year.

In the poll results, it was interesting to see that the public supports this sales tax dedication constitutional amendment most when it includes cultural resources, but much less when it’s just the other issues. Only 27% were opposed to the idea entirely. Go team!

Here’s the question and the results:

Question 10: Would you support a constitutional amendment to dedicate a portion of state sales tax revenue for the protection and improvement of fish, wildlife, water, and cultural resources?

Yes, for all of the purposes listed. 45.1% (2174)
Yes, for fish, wildlife, and water resource protection and improvement only. 14.2% (684)
Yes, for fish and wildlife resource protection and improvement only. 2.5% (122)
No, I would not support a constitutional amendment dedicating revenue for any of the purposes listed. 27.7% (1337)
Undecided/ No opinion 10.5% (503)”
For the other questions and results, go to http://www.senate.leg.state.mn.us/


In the House of Representative’s state fair poll, voters roundly rejected the idea of moving the arts out of the schools, an idea floated during last year’s legislative session which we are happy to report was loudly and soundly defeated in committee:

Should the responsibilities for the non-curricular athletic and fine arts activities of high school students be transferred from school districts to local governments in order to allow school districts to focus on delivering academic services?

Yes – 21.2%
No – 63.4%
Undecided/no opinion – 15.3%
More than 8,800 fairgoers took the House poll, conducted by the nonpartisan House Public Information Services Office. For more information: http://www.house.leg.state.mn.us/hinfo/Fair/2005Results.pdf

2. Economic Impact Study of the Arts – Act Now! Deadline Extended to September 16

The deadline for completing the Economic Impact Study has been extended! Your arts organization and activities are important to Minnesota and we want you to be included. Our arts community is being studied by Minnesota Citizens for the Arts (MCA), and the Forum of Regional Arts Councils (FRACM) in a project funded primarily by the McKnight Foundation. The project will produce eleven regional economic impact studies as well as a statewide study, and give us great tools to advocate for the arts statewide and locally.

Cities and states across the country seek to build “creative economies” that are driven by the strength of creative people such as artists, designers, and innovators of all kinds. “The arts and culture are one of the things that define Minnesota, like our lakes and the great outdoors, drawing people here from all over the country. Minnesota is poised to be one of the leading creative economies in the country behind only New York and California, because Minnesota has a unique civic culture of public support for and participation in the arts,” said Sheila Smith, MCA\\’s Executive Director. “This survey will help us to make the case for more support for the arts.”

Please complete the on-line survey THIS WEEK. Below are links to the survey for each Region:

Region 1:Northwest Regional Arts Council
Region 2:Region 2 Arts Council
Region 3:Arrowhead Regional Arts Council
Region 4:Lake Region Arts Council
Region 5:Five Wings Arts Council
Region 6/8:Southwest Minnesota Arts & Humanities Council
Region 7E:East Central Arts Council
Region 7W:Central Minnesota Arts Board
Region 9:Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council
Region 10:Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council
Region 11:Metropolitan Regional Arts Council
Study Partners This statewide project is a collaboration of the Forum of Regional Arts Councils (RAC Forum) and Minnesota Citizens for the Arts (MCA), principle partners, with major funding provided by the McKnight Foundation. Additional partners include Twin Cities Performing Arts Research Coalition (PARC) project and Americans for the Arts (AFTA).

3. Hurricane Katrina Prompts Response from Arts Community

The devastation of Hurricane Katrina has prompted responses from many arts organizations across the country. To learn more about these efforts, to contribute or get involved, check Americans for the Arts website at: http://ww3.artsusa.org/get_involved/membership/katrina/default.asp


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