Larry Awards

Since 2007, Minnesota Citizens for the Arts has awarded a “Larry Award” to unsung heroes in the arts community who work as arts advocates behind the scenes to improve arts access to everyone across Minnesota. The award is named for Lawrence Redmond, who has been MCA’s lobbyist and unsung hero since the 1970s and the award is given out at Arts Advocacy Day each year. The award is a glass sculpture by Minnesota sculptor Michael Tonder of Two Harbors Minnesota.


2019 Larry Award Winner: Amy Stearns, Executive Director of the Holmes Theatre in Detroit Lakes and MCA Board Member.

2018 Larry Award Winner: David Marty, Director of Reif Arts Center, MCA Board Member and Former MCA Board Chair.

2017 Larry Award Winner: Maxine Adams, Lake Region Arts Council Executive Director and former MCA Board Member.

2016 Larry Award Winner: Sean Dowse, Mayor of Red Wing and long time MCA board member.

20150219_mca_1302015 Larry Award Winner: Christopher Stevens, Chief of Advancement at the Walker Art Center.


2014 Larry Award Winner: James Wafler, long time MCA Board Member


2013 Larry Award Winner: Pam Perri, former MCA Executive Director


2012 Larry Award Winner: Leslie LeCuyer, Executive Director, Central MN Arts Board


2011 Larry Award Winner: Michael Robins, ED of Illusion Theater and long time MCA Board Member


2010 Larry Award Winner: Ben Vander Kooi Jr., former MCA Board Chair and current MCA Board Member


2009 Larry Award Winner: Craig Dunn, Executive Director of VSA MN and 2009 Board Chair of MCA.


2008 Larry Award Winner: Carolyn Bye, Executive Director of the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council and long time Board Member of MCA


2007 Larry Award Winner: Larry Redmond, Lobbyist for MCA for over 30 years, after who the “Larry Award” was named