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October 15, 2008

19 Days Until the Election…

1. Vote Yes Film and Poster Contests Announcement Thursday 10/16/08

2. Volunteers Needed on Election Day & Halloween

3. See the New Vote Yes Ads and Videos

4. Download MCA’s ARTS VOTER GUIDE from

5. The Top Six Ways Your Organization Can Help ‘Vote Yes’

6. Spread the Word


1. Vote Yes Film and Poster Contests Winners Announcement Thursday 10/16/08

The Vote Yes Minnesota campaign will hold a news conference 2:00-2:30 p.m. to announce the winners of the film and poster contests. The campaign asked filmmakers from around the state to film why they want to protect their state. They also asked artists to design a poster showing their support for the amendment. The winning film and runner up will be shown, and the winning poster will be on display.

The winning filmmaker, Dan Anderson of Grand Rapids, will be on hand to talk about what inspired him to take part, as will Christopher Harrison of Minneapolis, winner of the poster contest. Sheila Smith, Executive Director of Minnesota Citizens for the Arts, will be on hand to award prizes. Join us at the Walker Art Center, 1750 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, in the Lecture Room tomorrow afternoon.


2. Volunteers Needed on Election Day


While the polls have been looking good for the Amendment, over 40% of Minnesotans STILL haven’t heard about it. This is a problem because if voters go in on election day and skip the amendment, the state will vote “NO” for you. So, we need help on election day to do visability all over town making sure people are thinking about the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment when they walk into their polling place. Can you take the day off and join us? Many of our partner organizations are asking their staff and boards to spend the day as part of this effort. Contact Justin at 651-644-2088 or to organize any of them.


Lit drop for Halloween in Northfield on Oct. 31. Please join MCA’s “VOTE YES ART SQUAD” in a great way to help the arts right now! You can help spread the word about the Amendment-and get one step closer to tripling arts funding in our state. We will meet at 9:00 am, outside of the Northfield Arts Guild at 304 Division St., Northfield. Wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather. MCA will provide water and granola bars. We still need lots of help so please join! Contact Shaylie to RSVP and for any questions: (651) 251-0868 or If you want to carpool from St. Paul, let Shaylie know and she’ll organize it.

Who is the Arts Squad? A group of Minnesotans committed to protecting the arts and the environment in Minnesota! You don’t need to talk to anyone, we just drop off the literature. We will give you a map and easy instructions. You may go out with another volunteer, or if you like, on your own.


3. See New Vote Yes Ads and Videos

Our new ad is out! See the first and second of many TV ads in support of the amendment here on YouTube:

The winners of the film contest will also be posted shortly on the Vote Yes! Youtube site.

Our partner organization Conservation Minnesota has created a rather strange video to educate people about the drop-off problem. Britney Spears encourages you to “Don’t Oops the Amendment.” Check it out at


4. Download MCA’s ARTS VOTER GUIDE from

MCA has put the arts positions of all of the candidates into a single place so you can educate yourself. It includes statements from the Presidential candidates about the arts, voting records of our members of Congress and the results of MCA’s arts issues survey of legislative candidates from around the state. Don’t go to the polls without checking it out!


5. The Top Six Ways Your Organization Can Help ‘Vote Yes’

As we hit the homestretch of the Vote Yes Minnesota campaign, our decade-long effort to protect the Minnesota we love is at its peak. Below are the six most important things your arts organization can do:

1. Take Election Day off to Help Promote the Amendment
Election Day visibility is a huge task that must be successful if our campaign is to ultimately be successful. The more individuals we have that are able to help out, the more precincts at which we can have an effective, visible presence. By donating staff and volunteer time to this effort, your organization can help reach voters as they are heading to the polls and make a very direct impact in support of the Amendment. This is an absolutely critical component of the campaign\\’s plan for success on November 4.

2. Sponsor a Phone Bank Night
In terms of efficiency and effectiveness, there is no substitute for directly contacting voters about the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment. The campaign will be conducting phonebanks from 6pm to 9pm every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings between August 16 and the election. However, this effort will only be successful if we have enough volunteer callers to reach our full target audience. Committing to staff a regular number of phone lines per week is the most effective way that your organization can help to reach key swing voters in support of the Amendment.

3. Organize Lit-Drop Days
Beginning on August 16, the Vote Yes campaign will be doing lit drops every Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday through the election. In order to maximize effectiveness, these lit drops require significant volunteer help. Making an organizational commitment to conduct 5 lit drops before November 4 is a great way to contribute to the overall campaign effort. Many hands make light work!

4. Coordinate Communications with Your Membership
Individuals who are already members of organizations such as yours are among the strongest supporters of the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment. It is vital that these folks know about the Amendment and the ways that they can help support it between now and this November. The campaign has a variety of tools to assist in this effort, including draft newsletter templates and other communications materials. By compiling a list of communications opportunities and deadlines for reaching your membership, you can help ensure that the campaign is not missing opportunities to reach this critical audience!

5. Commit to Assisting with the Campaign\\’s Blog
Continuously developing new content is one of the most important factors in crafting an effective website. To that end, our campaign is committed to making a minimum of three new blog entries every week between now and Election Day. Committing your organization to making a blog entry or two will help us to meet this goal. This is a great way to share with a broader audience why the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment is important to your organization and how you are participating in the effort to pass it!

6. Make a Financial Contribution to the Campaign
Many of our endorsing organizations have committed to making a financial contribution to the campaign. Organizations are giving what they can; some are contributing a percentage based on their annual budgets, some are hosting fund raising receptions or asking their board, staff and volunteers to make contributions online.

Contact Justin at 651-644-2088 or to organize any of them.


6. Spread the Word

You Can Help the Arts!

On November 4th, 2008 Minnesota voters will have a chance to Vote Yes to dedicated funding for clean water and the arts.

Arts and Culture: a good investment for every Minnesota Community.

The arts and culture bring us a high quality of life in Minnesota. Every corner of our state is home to important arts, music and theater programs that educate, entertain and bring our communities together. Minnesotans participate in the arts at a higher rate than other states. Our 1400 nonprofit arts and culture organizations serve millions of Minnesotans and contribute over a billion dollars annually to Minnesota\\’s economy. Minnesota\\’s arts and history need to be maintained, protected and passed on to future generations.

The arts get cut at the legislature every time there is a budget squeeze.

The arts and clean water need stable and long term sources of funding. While the arts are a very tiny part of the state\\’s budget, they are slashed every time the state has a deficit. In fact, we lost 32% of state arts funding in 2003. Few other items in the state budget were cut as much as the arts. A ‘yes’ vote means arts funding could triple throughout all of Minnesota.

The Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment will preserve Minnesota\\’s clean water, great outdoors, arts and history for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.

Here\\’s how it will appear on your ballot November 4th:

“Clean Water, Wildlife, Cultural Heritage, and Natural Areas

Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to dedicate funding to protect our drinking water sources; to protect, enhance, and restore our wetlands, prairies, forests, and fish, game, and wildlife habitat; to preserve our arts and cultural heritage; to support our parks and trails; and to protect, enhance, and restore our lakes, rivers, steams, and groundwater by increasing the sales and use tax rate beginning July 1, 2009, by three-eighths of one percent on taxable sales until the year 2034? YES_____ NO _______ ”

Remember: If you skip this question, your vote will count as a “NO” VOTE.

On November 4th make your voice heard and Vote Yes to protect the Minnesota you love!

We May Never Get This Chance Again.

To see who\\’s endorsed the amendment, sign-up to help the cause, or find out more info go to Or call the VOTE YES! office at (651) 644-2088.


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