Arts Alert: Where Do Candidates Stand on Arts Issues? Vote in the Primary Tuesday Aug. 9


Vote in the Primary Tuesday Aug. 9

Candidates Respond to Arts Issues

There are many important races that will be decided in the August 9 Primary. MCA has been collecting surveys on important arts issues from legislative candidates around the state. While their answers are still coming in, we thought you would be interested to see their stand on arts issues before you vote on Tuesday.

Our survey collected answers from candidates for the Minnesota state House and Senate on issues such as protecting Legacy arts funding, nonprofit tax exempts, and whether the candidates have connections to their local arts organizations. **NOTE** If your legislator has not yet responded to the survey, urge them to do so!”

Find out who said:

  1. “Throughout our state, the arts are a very important piece of the social, economic and cultural fabric.”
  2. “I have been working to preserve/restore arts education across the state, realizing the enormous benefit to human growth and civilization.”
  3. “I created the Legacy Amendment.”

Download their answers here
and VOTE on Tuesday!

Where Do You Vote?
Find Out:

(Answers, 1. Sen. Jeremy Miller (R) Senate District 28, 2. Rep. JoAnn Ward (D) House District  3. Sen. Dick Cohen, (D) Senate District 64)
(Flag image: Jasper Johns, “American Flag” from MOMA)