Arts Alert: We Are United: A Message From the Field

We Are United

Dear Minnesota’s Arts Community:

Minnesotans are known for working hard, for being generous, and for pulling together in times of crisis. That spirit has never been more present than in this unprecedented and challenging moment.

As we look after our physical health, the importance of arts and culture to our social, economic and community health is clear. Artists, creative workers and culture bearers from across Minnesota are stepping up to help foster healing, connection and meaning during this challenging time.

Over the past weeks, representatives of Minnesota’s statewide arts service organizations, agencies and arts-focused philanthropic institutions have come together as a collective to discuss how we can join together with one voice to support the artists and organizations that bring creativity and connection to our lives. As part of that effort, we have gathered some resources that we would like to share with you:

1. We need to track the impact of the crisis on the field:



2. We need to help artists and creative workers:

We will centralize information and links to resources on Springboard for the Arts’ Coronavirus Resource Page to help you find information that can support your business or your artistic practice, including grant programs and emergency relief for artists and creative workers.

3. We need to help arts organizations: 

We will identify and share resources we identify that can help arts organizations weather this storm. For now, they are listed at MCA’s Coronavirus Resource page and Springboard’s page for organizations.

4. Watch for more information from the Minnesota State Arts Board and Regional Arts Councils 

about the results of the survey they conducted to understand the needs of the arts and culture community.

Those of us that support the state’s arts community are unanimous.

We are all working to increase funding flexibility, extend deadlines, address unforeseen gaps in funding and work together to do everything we can to be supportive in this unprecedented time for the arts in Minnesota. We remain committed to working together, as one, to bring you updates, activate you for timely advocacy efforts, share resources, and support the critical and important work of Minnesota’s creative sector.

In the meantime, please contact any of us with any questions or feedback on how we can best serve you in this moment. And know that we will get through this, together.

Until next time,

Creative Minnesota 
Aroha Philanthropies
Arrowhead Regional Arts Council
Arts Midwest 
Bush Foundation
Central Minnesota Arts Board
City of Minneapolis Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy 
East Central Arts Council
Five Wings Arts Council
Forum of Regional Arts Councils
Jerome Foundation
Lake Region Arts Council
McKnight Foundation
Metropolitan Regional Arts Council
Minnesota Citizens for the Arts
Minnesota Music Educators Association
Minnesota Presenters Network
Minnesota State Arts Board
Minnesota Theater Alliance
Northwest Minnesota Arts Council
Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council
Propel for Nonprofits
Region 2 Arts Council
Saint Paul and Minnesota Foundation
Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council
Southwest Minnesota Arts Council
Springboard for the Arts