Arts Alert: Tasty Facts About the Arts to Entertain Your Relatives Over the Holidays.

Happy Holidays from your friends at MCA!

Tasty Facts About the Arts to Entertain Your Relatives Over the Holidays

We’ve come across many great articles lately about the importance of the arts and the Legacy Amendment.  Now, at the holiday table, you can impress your friends and relatives with amazing facts about the arts.  And don’t forget to join MCA before the new year. Happy Holidays from all of us to all of you!


Field Trips to Museums Are Good For Kids

Education Next:

Taking students to an art museum improves critical thinking skills, and more.”

Reading Novels Makes Us Better Thinkers


“…while success in most fields demands the sort of knowledge gained by reading non-fiction, it also “requires people to become insightful about others and their perspectives.” If their conclusions are correct, that all-important knowledge can be gained by immersing yourself in a work of literature.”

Long-Term Benefits of Music Lessons Reach Into Old Age

New York Times: 

“A new study reports that older adults who took lessons at a young age can process the sounds of speech faster than those who did not.”

A Fine Arts Degree Might be a Better Choice than You Think

Wall Street Journal:

Think that art school dooms graduates to a life of unemployment? The numbers paint a very different picture.  “Artists can have good careers, earning a middle-class income,” says Anthony Carnevale, director of Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce. “And, just as important and maybe more, artists tend to be happy with their choices and lives.”


Minnesota Farm Country’s Newest Crop: The Arts

Minneapolis Star Tribune: 

“The state has become a national leader in using cultural activity to revitalize rural communities.”

The Arts Stimulate the Economies of Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin

“The impact is very high throughout the Arrowhead Region,” said Robert DeArmond, executive director of the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council. For instance, the arts generate more revenue statewide than professional and college sports teams combined, he noted.

Minnesota Legacy Fund Grows NonProfit Presses

Publisher’s Weekly:

“Our books are accessible to more people, thanks to an ongoing Legacy-funded project to convert our entire list for the print disabled.”

Sales-tax increase dedicated to funding natural, cultural resources has had huge impact in Winona area

Winona Daily News:

“The real legacy is the arts scene is so much stronger and creative than if it wouldn’t have come along.”… Winona Mayor Mark Peterson agreed, and said the amendment speaks volumes about Minnesotans’ values. “It’s an amazing testament to the people of Minnesota that when the economy tanked, people voted to tax themselves to go towards environmental, arts and cultural projects.”


Arts & Culture Add over $500B to the Nation’s GNP

Wall Street Journal:

“Art and culture is a significant part of the U.S. economy – not just its contributions of ideas and creativity to the innovation economy but also as an important part of the labor force and our country’s GDP,” NEA Senior Deputy Chairman Joan Shigekawa said in a statement.

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