Arts Alert: Take Action & MCA’s Annual Meeting


The U.S. House has now passed two COVID-19 relief bills that have seen no viable action in the U.S. Senate. In last 24 hours, there has been renewed bipartisan negotiations on Capitol Hill that some relief may be passed in the next several days, but we need to urge support for relief that will sustain the arts sector’s unique capacity to support the U.S. economy, uplift the human spirit, and provide lifelong learning. 

We need you to contact your members of Congress now
to urge them to support the arts and creative sector in COVID relief.

You are invited to

Minnesota Citizens for the Arts
Annual Meeting 

December 7th, 2020 @ 3:00 PM
Via Zoom, Of Course

Interested in attending?
Send an email to to receive the zoom link information for the meetingJOIN US!

Minnesota Citizens for the Arts FY 2021 Board Nominations

New Members, Nominated for a First Term:
 Haskins (Organization, Metro)
Tammy Makram (Organization, Greater Minnesota)
Alana Peterson (Region 7E, Greater Minnesota)
Frederica Simmons (At-Large, Metro)

Retiring From the Board:
Jamie Grant (Organization, Metro)
Mary Minnick-Daniels (Region 7E, Greater Minnesota)
Jeff Prauer (Region 11, Metro)
Ben Vander Kooi Jr (Region 6/8, Greater Minnesota) 

Board Member Change in Designation:
Nicole DeBoer designation will change from At-Large to Region 6/8
Kathy Mouacheupao designation will change from At-Large to Region 11
Michael Jon Pease designation will change from Organization to At-Large

Nominated for an Additional Term:
Jamie Andrews (At-large, Metro), Sandy Boren-Barrett (Organization, Metro), Brenda Byron (Region 9, Greater Minnesota), LaTia Childers (At-Large, Metro), Sean Dowse (Region 10, Greater Minnesota), Jon Limbacher (Organization, Metro), Kristin Makholm (At-Large, Metro), Carla McGrath (Organization, Metro), Tamara Nadel (At-large, Metro), Mark Nerenhausen (Organization, Metro), Faye Price (At-large, Metro), Michael Robins (Organization, Metro), Christopher Stevens (Organization, Metro), Sheila Terryll (At-Large, Metro), Ross Willits (At-Large, Metro).

Current Members Whose Terms Continue into Next Year:
Mary Ann Aufderheide (Organization, Metro), Morgan Baum (At-Large, Greater Minnesota), Peg Churchwell (At Large, Greater Minnesota), Nicole DeBoer (Region 6/8, Greater Minnesota), Drew Digby (Region 3, Greater Minnesota), Kristin Eggerling (Region 1, Greater Minnesota), Tanya Gertz (At-Large, Greater Minnesota), Gao Hong (At Large, Greater Minnesota), Michelle Kiley (Organization, Greater Minnesota), Leslie LeCuyer (Region 7W, Greater Minnesota), Scott Lykins (Region 5, Greater Minnesota), Kathy Mouacheupao (Region 11, Metro), Michael-jon Pease (At-Large, Metro), Laura Seter (Region 2, Greater Minnesota), Dana Sikkila (At Large, Greater Minnesota), Amy Stearns (Region 4, Greater Minnesota), Daniel Zielske (At-Large, Greater Minnesota).

2020-2021 Slate of Officers:
Co-Presidents: Mary Ann Aufderheide and Ross Willits
Secretary: Leslie LeCuyer
Vice President: Tanya Gertz                  
Past President: Mary Ann Aufderheide
Treasurer: Mark Nerenhausen               
At Large: Amy Stearns