arts alert: Star Tribune Poll Finds 77% of Minnesotans Oppose Using Legacy for Stadium

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November 7, 2011

1. Star Tribune Poll Finds 77% of Minnesotans Oppose Using Legacy for Stadium
2. MCA Annual Meeting November 14
3. Grand Marais Celebrates Legacy Weekend Nov. 17-20
4. Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Says He’d Delete the NEA
5. Nominate Someone Great for a Sally Award: Deadline Nov. 14
1. Star Tribune Poll Finds 77% of Minnesotans Oppose Using Legacy for Stadium
Yesterday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune held some great news for arts advocates:
“The idea floated recently of using Legacy funds, which are dedicated to  projects benefitting the environment, arts and cultural heritage, was  shot down by the poll respondents — 77 percent opposed using Legacy  funds for a stadium, compared to 21 percent in favor.”
This news comes after a chaotic week in which the momentum to hold a special session to fund the stadium came to a screeching halt when Speaker Kurt Zellers said that the House would prefer to deal with the stadium during the upcoming regular session. Gov. Dayton declared that he would not, therefore, as previously planned, come out with a stadium proposal today after all. It is clear that there is no agreement on how to pay for the stadium, which is why crazy ideas like using Legacy funds are being tossed around. At the moment, using upgraded electronic pulltabs as the main funding source seems to have the most legs, but things remain fluid and could drag on for some time.
The other good news is that you arts advocates have now delivered over 14,500 messages to your elected officials in opposition of using Legacy funds for the stadium. Some of this response has come from our friends at Conservation Minnesota and the Minnesota Envrionmental Partnership, who put out alerts to their members to oppose the move to use Legacy funds because it would set a bad precedent for misuse of the land, water, and parks funds. It’s great to see our coalition from the campaign in 2008 still working together for the good of all.
While the Legacy idea seems to have lost some steam due in part to your overwhelming response, it will not go away entirely until a funding package for the  stadium is put together, or until it is clear that the team doesn’t have  legislative support to build one at all. We will remain vigilent until this is resolved, as it may come back to life. If you haven’t had a chance to voice your opposition, it’s not too late. You can send letters to the Governor and legislature here:
2. MCA Annual Meeting November 14
You are invited to the Annual Meeting of Minnesota Citizens for the Arts, with featured speaker MCA Executive Director Sheila Smith. She will be speaking on “Protecting Minnesota’s Arts Legacy,” including work against losing the Arts Legacy Fund to a stadium, and the outlook for the upcoming 2012 session for the arts.
Join us 5:30-6:30 on Monday, November 14, at the Illusion Theater on the 8th floor of the Hennepin Center for the Arts, 528 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis.
Admission is free for MCA members and $5 for the general public. Please R.S.V.P. to MCA by calling 651-251-0868 or

3. Grand Marais Celebrates Legacy Weekend Nov. 17-20
Thriving on the changing climate of the poles and the North Shore will be celebrated and displayed during Cook County’s Legacy Destination Weekend, November 17-20, 2011. Hands-on outdoor events, educational films, and history exhibits are scheduled to highlight the local benefits of the Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Amendment, which voters passed in 2008.

Wildlife biologist Rolf Peterson, filmmaker George Desort, and polar explorer Mark Terry headline this year’s Winterer’s Gathering at North House Folk School. Peterson presents a 50-plus year study of the decreasing levels of wolves and moose on Isle Royale National Park.
Filmmaker Mark Terry explored Canada’s Northwest Passage to research the effects of warmer temperatures for his film project, which shows this weekend. Featured instructor Garrett Conover will lead workshops on reading ice, wilderness travel, and overnight winter camping. Other courses include dog and wolf behaviors and filmmaking.

“North House Folk School is proud to be a Legacy grant recipient and bring new skills and new visitors to Cook County,” said school Executive Director Greg Wright.

During Legacy Weekend, the Cook County Historical Society exhibits the history of the Civilian Conservation Corps at the Lighthouse Keeper’s House Museum, the Johnson Heritage Post Art Gallery hosts the Northern Photography show, and the Grand Marais Art Colony presents a glass ornament class.
The Grand Marais Art Colony and North House Folk School receive Legacy Funding through the Minnesota State Arts Board.  The Minnesota Historical Society awarded Legacy grants to the Cook County Historical Society and the Johnson Heritage Post Gallery.

A self-guided hike at Cascade River State Park, another Legacy grant project location, is also part of Legacy Destination Weekend.

The Legacy Destination Weekends recognizes one community each month to highlight Legacy events. Legacy Weekends is a partnership of Minnesota Citizens for the Arts, Conservation Minnesota, and Explore Minnesota Tourism.   More information:
4. Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Says He’d Delete the NEA
We’re still a long way away from the 2012 elections, but it’s notable when one of the leading contenders for the GOP nomination says the following:
I like Amtrak, but I’m not willing to borrow $1.6 billion a year to subsidize it. I like the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, but I refuse to borrow almost $1 billion a year from China to pay for them.”
These remarks were delivered as part of his speech on fiscal policy at the Americans for Prosperity “Defending The American Dream Summit” in Washington, D.C.

5. Nominate Someone Great for a Sally Award: Deadline Nov. 14
The Ordway Center for the Performing Arts is gearing up the selection process for the next round of Sally Awards.The awards recognize extraordinary Minnesota artists who inspire us with their creativity and dedication to their craft. 

The 2011 Sally Ordway Irvine Awards will continue this tradition, and you can be a part of it! We invite you to join in the fun by nominating artists to be considered for the 2011 Sally Awards. It’s easy to do. Just think about the artists who have inspired you, your family or your friends, and forward their names to us as nominees for the 2011 Sally Awards. The Awards include the following
five categories:


Minnesota’s arts scene is so rich and diverse that it’s impossible for us to keep up with the work being created every day in every corner of the state. You probably know about artists who are not yet on our radar screen. Don’t keep their talents a secret! Any arts organization or individual in the state of Minnesota is eligible, as long as they have not already received this award.

Please consider making a nomination, and forward this invitation to your friends and colleagues. The nomination form is available on the Ordway’s website at


If you have any questions
regarding the nomination form or the awards, please contact Kate Youngdahl at the Ordway at 651.282.3101.


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