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September 11, 2012

1. MCA Seeking Board Members

2. MCA Hiring Grassroots Field Worker

3. New Micro-Philanthropy Website for Artists

4. Music Makes Kids More Empathetic, Research Finds
1. MCA Seeking Board Members

Nominations for MCA’s Board Now Open

Minnesota Citizens for the Arts is soliciting nominations for its Board of Trustees. Terms begin November, 2012 and will last for two years. Half of MCA’s 36 board members must come from the Twin Cities metro area, and half from Greater Minnesota. Interested? Fill out the form below and return it by October 9, 2012 by email, fax, or by snail mail to the above address. There are approximately five board openings each year, and MCA’s bylaws ensure that board representation comes from all over the state.

MCA seeks board members who:

  • Have a willingness to work, volunteer and come to our meetings.
  • Are people with political connections, political strategists, and people with an understanding of the political process, or are willing to learn
  • Have mix of party affiliation
  • Provide balance in terms of the size or type of organizations represented on the board (large, medium, small, arts education, individual artist, etc.)
  • Have clout within their organizations and/or peers, and have the ability and willingness to communicate about the need for arts advocacy
  • Provide other balances in terms of representing the state or the arts community (ie diversity in terms of age, race, etc).
  • Your nomination to the board is more likely to be successful if you are a paid member of MCA and if you have previously been a part of Arts Advocacy Day, the Vote Yes campaign, or volunteered for the cause in some other way. ***(Please do not nominate someone else unless you have discussed it with them first, and they have provided an answer to the question “Why do you want to be on the MCA board?).***

MCA Board Nomination Form: Answer these questions and send to: More info:

  • Home Address:
  • Work Address:
  • Home Phone:
  • Work Phone:
  • Organization (If appropriate):
  • Title (If appropriate):
  • Legislative District # (If unknown, MCA can identify it for you):
  • Experience with your local arts community:
  • Political Experience (desired, but not necessary):
  • Why are you interested in serving on the MCA Board of Trustees?
2.   MCA Hiring Grassroots Field Worker

The deadline for applications is September 23, 2012.

The position is full time (40hrs.wk) and begins ASAP & ends June 30, 2013. Salary dependent upon experience.
Working closely with staff and board, the Field Worker will be a part of organizing the arts community for the 2013 legislative session. The Field Workers duties include, but are not limited to, legislative surveys, organizing coffee parties, mass mailings, candidate forums, moderating public meetings, arts all-star award events and drumming up calls and letters at pivotal moments. The Field Worker will also participate in the day-to-day workings of the office and will assist the Executive Director as needed. This person must be alert, flexible, and willing to work on changing projects that become identified during the year to reach our goals at the Legislature. Applicants must have access to a vehicle and be
able to travel to greater Minnesota, although the majority of time will be spent at the office.
A qualified applicant would possess the following skills:


  • Interest in, experience with, and an understanding of the state legislature and Minnesota’s political process and some experience in community organizing.
  • Good communication skills, especially when speaking to crowds or with people on the phone.
  • Experience and interest in working with a non-profit board and the arts community.
  • College degree preferred, but not required if experienced.
  • An organized, self-starting, positive personality with a sense of humor.
  • Computer literacy; preferably experience with Apple Computers, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and database system Filemaker.
  • Familiarity with social media pages, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
Please mail or e-mail résumé and cover letter by September 23, 2012 to:
Mark Albers
Minnesota Citizens for the Arts
2233 University Avenue West, Suite 355
St. Paul, MN 55114

3. New Micro-Philanthropy Website for Artists

United States Artists (USA), a nonprofit organization dedicated to investing in America’s finest artists, created USA Projects as a way to include more people in the act of supporting individual artists and to better illuminate the important contributions artists make to our society. USA was founded in 2005 with seed monies from the Ford, Rockefeller, Rasmuson and Prudential Foundations.

USA Projects, which helps connect artists to a personalized donor-­?support network, is now expanding its exclusive enrollment process to include students/alumni/faculty of four-­? year accredited art schools and artists who practice in architecture and design, crafts and traditional arts, media, literature, theater, dance, music and visual arts.

USA Projects employs state of the art technology that permits artists to quickly and easily build their project within minutes. Launching a project comes with a new artist fundraising tool kit that helps the artist through every step toward fundraising campaign success. The site—unlike other online fundraising venues—provides one-­?on-­?one support during the campaign by its artist relations team, tax-­?deductibility for every donor, and a minimum of 5% contributed to each project by one or more match funds.

Since its inception in December 2010, over $2.8 million dollars have been raised on USA Projects from over 18,000 donors. The site, which is exclusively dedicated to the arts, boasts a 75% project success rate, much higher than crowd-­?funding platforms not focused exclusively on the arts.

4. Music Makes Kids More Empathetic, Research Finds


Everything MCA does is made possible by our passionate and committed members. 

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ABOUT: MCA is a nonpartisan statewide arts advocacy organization whose mission is to ensure opportunity for all people to have access to and involvement in the arts. MCA organizes the
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or how to activate people in your arts organization or community to lobby for the arts, please call us at 651-251-0868 or e-mail staff at State arts funding supports access to the arts for all Minnesotans. The state-funded Minnesota State Arts Board and eleven Regional Arts Councils provide grants and services in every Minnesota county for artists, arts organizations, arts projects and school artist residencies. For more information on regional or state grants, go to