Arts Alert: NEA Chair Jane Chu Praises MN’s Arts Support, MCA

NEA Chair Jane Chu Praises Minnesota’s Arts Support, MCA

In one of her first trips outside of Washington D.C., new NEA Chair Jane Chu came to Minnesota last month to help MCA celebrate 40 years of arts advocacy. She praised both Minnesota’s arts community and the Legacy Amendment, along with Congresswoman Betty McCollum (St. Paul), Senator Richard Cohen, and Mayor Ardele Brede of Rochester, and hundreds of great arts advocates from around the state. We appreciated her willingness to come so far to help us celebrate!

“Minnesota understands how to bring together the pieces that create an artistic environment; not only for appreciating the beauty of the arts themselves; but also the value that the arts have in our everyday lives…

“And Minnesota can appreciate its philanthropic resources, its advocacy support, and its embracing support for arts education, with 95% of Minnesotans noting that the arts are important to the overall education of Minnesota children.

“But this active arts environment did not just appear from nowhere. It came into existence because of you. Your years of dedicated work. Your unwavering commitment. Your ability to know what needs to be done for today, in order to make the arts stronger for tomorrow.

“It was this ability that empowered you to push for the successful passage of the Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Amendment…

“But there’s also a big- picture statement being made. This amendment groups together some of life’s most basic necessities: Clean rivers. Unpolluted land. It suggests that the arts are just as fundamental a part of our world as our lakes and prairies; and they are just as vital to our well-being as a healthy environment.”

Save the Date:

Arts Advocacy Day will be Feb. 19, 2015. This year is a high-stakes legislative session where they will decide how much arts funding will be available for the next two years. There’s lots of new legislators who need to hear how important the arts are to their constituents and their districts. It’s critical that we have a big presence at the Capitol for Arts Advocacy Day, so put it on your calendar now! Registration will open soon. What’s Arts Advocacy Day? Check out the info. here.

Look at all of these great Arts Advocates at last year’s Arts Advocacy Day.
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