Arts Alert: National Study Finds Arts-Related Businesses in MN Employ 55,040 People!

National Study Finds Arts-Related Businesses in Minnesota Employ 55,040 People

We’ve always known that the arts are important to Minnesota’s economy. Now we have some proof.

Americans for the Arts recently released an update of its Creative Industries report, looking at the scope and economic importance of both the for-profit and non-profit arts across the country, with specific data about Minnesota. The study defines the creative industries as arts businesses that includes nonprofit museums, symphonies and theaters as well as for-profit film, architecture and design companies. Data is collected from Dunn & Bradstreet business registrations.

“Arts businesses and the creative people they employ stimulate innovation, strengthen America’s competitiveness in the global marketplace, and play an important role in building and sustaining economic vibrancy, ” said the study.

Minnesota is home to 13,835 arts-related businesses that employ 55,040 people. The creative industries account for 4 percent of the total number of businesses located in Minnesota and 1.9 of the people they employ.

Arts businesses in Minnesota have grown since the study’s results from 2008, which showed 11,050 arts-related businesses employing 52,949 people.  That’s an increase of 2785 businesses and an increase of 2091 people employed by the arts since the Legacy Amendment began in Minnesota. (The study does not look at cause and effect, but it does make you wonder).

The study also divided up the state’s arts businesses by congressional districts:

Southern MN(CD1) 1,242 5,817
Southern TC Suburbs(CD2) 1,657 4,679
Western TC Suburbs(CD3) 2,259 9,481
St Paul & Eastern TC(CD4) 1,961 8,412
Minneapolis(CD5) 2,860 14,696
N. TC Suburbs to St Cloud (CD6) 1,394 3,536
Western MN(CD 7) 1,085 3,752
Arrowhead, Range & NW MN (CD 8) 1,377 4,667
TOTAL 13,835 55,040

(To see a congressional district map of these regions, go here:
(To read more about the Creative Industries Report nationally, go here: You will have to create a login to see the detailed reports).




The state’s arts funders and MCA are collaborating this year on research about the economic impact of arts & culture nonprofits in the state that will be unveiled in January, 2015. To make sure your arts organization is counted in the State of the Arts & Culture Report, fill out the short survey at:
(Note: If your organization is already a part of the Cultural Data Project,
it will automatically be included in the new study and you don’t need to fill out this survey).

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