Arts Alert: MCA Statement on the Murder of George Floyd

MCA Statement on the Murder of George Floyd

Minnesota Citizens for the Arts is angered, appalled and outraged, like all of you, at the murder of George Floyd. We call for justice to be served for all those responsible. We also call for immediate engagement of all police to become catalysts of reform instead of participants in a culture of violence towards people of color.

We are also saddened at the damage to small businesses and community-based arts organizations and nonprofits which are the livelihoods of and provide services to so many across Minneapolis and Saint Paul. We are particularly heartbroken by the destruction of Migizi Communications, Inc., a native led, youth serving organization which was burned to the ground near the Third Precinct police station, and we urge our members to help them rebuild by donating at

At this time, we know of other arts organizations that have suffered damage to varying degrees, including Springboard for the ArtsJuxtaposition ArtsJawaahir DanceAnanya Dance TheaterVine Arts Center / The Ivy and artist studios, among others. We are deeply moved that some of them have stated that “justice for the death of George Floyd is more important than broken windows.” Please let us know if you know of other organizations, and please also help them too if you can.

Arts people have been working alongside their neighbors and communities both in peaceful protest and in protecting and cleaning up their neighborhoods. We believe that the arts have a role both now and after this crisis in bringing our communities back together. Minnesota Citizens for the Arts joins our voice to the chorus of Minnesotans calling for peace and justice.