Arts Alert: MCA Hosts a Conversation With Nina Ozlu

MCA Hosts A Conversation With
Nina Ozlu Tunceli


Nina Ozlu Tunceli is an expert on the programs passed by Congress during the Covid crisis that can be helpful to the arts, such as PPP loans, EIDL, and others.

Join us for our Webinar with Executive Director of the Arts Action Fund as she guides us through the new legislation regarding the PPP Application, CARES Act Funding, and ArtsVote 2020!

Do you have questions? She may have the answers.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Has your organization applied for a PPP loan? Questions about how you can use PPP? Do you want to apply? The deadline to apply for a PPP loan is coming fast! You must be approved by your bank by June 30. The good news is that the new application is very easy to do. There is no time to waste! (Here’s a link to the easy application:
  • Pandemic unemployment ends on July 31, will it be extended?
  • How will the arts Get Out the Vote?
  • What is the arts policy platform on the federal level and what are its chances?
  • Are there other Covid relief funds we should know about?

Space in the webinar will be limited to 100 people, but it will be recorded and posted on our website shortly afterwards. 


Nina Ozlu Tunceli is both Chief Counsel of Government and Public Affairs at Americans for the Arts as well as the Executive Director of the Americans for the Arts Action Fund. For 25 years, Nina has served as the chief policy strategist for Americans for the Arts’ federal, state, and local public affairs work, grassroots advocacy campaigns, policy development, and national coalition-building efforts with cultural and civic organizations to advance the arts in America. In 2004, she also became the executive director of the Americans for the Arts Action Fund, a separate 501(c)(4) organization with a connected Political Action Committee—the only dedicated arts PAC in the country. Nina now mobilizes the political and legislative efforts of more than 365,000 citizen activists in advancing arts policy issues to legislators and candidates seeking federal public office. She is a graduate of George Washington University and the University of Richmond School of Law. Nina also hosts office hours online:

Sheila Smith, Executive Director of Minnesota Citizens for the Arts and Chair of Creative Minnesota will moderate.

(FYI, here are all the programs passed that can help nonprofits to date:

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