Arts Alert: Good News on Arts Legacy Will Make Your Day

1. Minnesotans Increasingly Love the Legacy Amendment

Minnesotans are becoming more aware of all of the good things happening around the state in the arts, land and water conservation and parks and trails because of the Legacy Amendment.  New polling from the Minnesota Environmental Partnership shows that the public strongly favors the Legacy Amendment five years after its passage.

In telephone interviews conducted Feb. 4-6, 2014, when asked, “Whether or not you supported it originally, would you say you currently favor or oppose this constitutional amendment?

71% responded that they now favor the amendment. On election night, the Legacy Amendment passed with 56% of the vote.

Here is the breakdown:

Strongly favor: 40% Somewhat oppose: 11%
Somehat favor: 31% Strongly oppose: 15%

(no response = 3%, margin of error +/- 4%) The polling was conducted by Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates and Public Opinion Strategies (Dem and GOP pollsters, respectively).

2. Attendance at Arts Events has Increased by 21% Since Legacy Began

According to the Minnesota State Arts Board, attendance at arts events in Minnesota has increased by 21% since the Legacy Amendment was passed.

Clearly the Minnesota State Arts Board, Regional Arts Councils and all of their grantees have taken to heart the constitutional language that Legacy dollars should be invested in “arts access.”  Bravo!

Fiscal year 2008 (Pre-Legacy) 2012 Percent Increase
Audience Served 10,421,608 12,612,314 21%


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