Arts Alert: Arts Advocacy Day is Just 2 Weeks Away

Arts Advocacy Day is Just 2 Weeks Away!

Sign-Up Deadline is March 24. Have you registered yet?

“Thank you” is not a message legislators
hear very often.

On March 27, 2014 Minnesota Citizens for the Arts will bring hundreds of arts advocates from around the state to the State Capitol for “Arts Advocacy Day” to thank legislators for following through on the promise of the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment that dedicated funds to conservation and the arts.

Minnesotans overwhelmingly approved the measure, passing it by 56%, which increased the sales tax slightly to create four new dedicated funds for land, water, parks and arts in 2008. In the past several years arts advocates and supportive legislators had to fight off legislative suggestions that the Legacy Arts & Culture Fund be used to build a stadium or be redirected to benefit pet projects in just one district.

“Despite many attempts to divert the Arts & Culture fund to unrelated or unworthy projects, the legislature has actually stood firm to protect the constitutional intent of the Legacy Amendment, and we want to thank them for following through, ” said Sheila Smith, MCA’s Executive Director. “The legislature is doing the right thing here, and we want to recognize that.”


It’s the biggest arts networking day of the year! MCA invites you to join your fellow arts advocates at the Minnesota History Center and State Capitol to talk about the arts, make new friends, and educate our legislators. Together we will speak about the impact that arts funding has had on our lives and our communities. Meet great arts people from all over the state, and make a difference with your friends and neighbors.

You and your team will be led by an experienced advocate who has participated in past Arts Advocacy Days and knows what to do. Following a brief rally, you and your team will visit a series of legislators over the morning, giving you plenty of time to get to know your teammates and the issues you are discussing.

By working together we show the strength of Minnesota’s arts community. Let your elected officials know what you think!

7:30 AM Meet at the History Center in St. Paul
8:00 AM Advocacy Class for New Attendees
8:00 AM Registration and Coffee if not attending class
8:30 AM Arts Rally, Legislative Speakers, and Join Your Team
9:30 AM Walk/Ride to Capitol
9:30 AM – 1 PM Legislator Appointments

If you can’t join us, could you send a quick thank you note to your legislators for getting the Legacy money in the right place? We want to make sure they keep doing it! The link to send a thank you note is below.

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MCA is a nonpartisan statewide arts advocacy organization whose mission is to ensure Minnesotans have access to and involvement in the arts. MCA organizes the arts community to lobby the Legislature and Congress on issues important to the nonprofit arts community. If you are interested in advocating for the arts, or want to learn how to activate people in your arts organization or community, please contact us. FYI, MCA is not a grantsmaker. For access to state funding, contact the Minnesota State Arts Board or your local Regional Arts Council