MCA Seeking New Board Members

MCA Seeking New Board Members:
Deadline Oct. 1, 2013

Nominations for MCA’s Board Now Open

Minnesota Citizens for the Arts is looking for new members for our Board of Trustees. Terms begin November, 2013 and will last for two years.

Interested? Fill out the form below and return it by October 1, 2013 by email, fax, or by snail mail to the address below. MCA’s bylaws ensure that board representation comes from all over the state. Half of MCA’s 36 board members must come from the Twin Cities metro area, and half from Greater Minnesota. There are four open spots:

Current openings on the MCA Board include:

  • One At Large person from the 7 County Metro Area.
  • One Person from Region 7E (Must reside in the East Central Arts Council region of Chisago, Isanti, Kanabec, Mille Lacs and Pine Counties)
  • Two Organizational Representatives, one each from the 7 County Metro Area and one from Greater MN (must represent a state arts board grantee)

MCA seeks board members who:

  • Have a willingness to work, volunteer and come to our meetings.
  • Are people with political connections, political strategists, and people with an understanding of the political process, or are willing to learn
  • Have mix of party affiliation
  • Provide balance in terms of the size or type of organizations represented on the board (large, medium, small, arts education, individual artist, etc.)
  • Have clout within their organizations and/or peers, and have the ability and willingness to communicate about the need for arts advocacy
  • Provide other balances in terms of representing the state or the arts community (ie diversity in terms of age, race, etc).
  • Your nomination to the board is more likely to be successful if you are a paid member of MCA and if you have previously been a part of Arts Advocacy Day, the Legacy campaign, or volunteered for the cause in some other way.
  • ***(Please do not nominate someone else unless you have discussed it with them first, and they have provided an answer to the question “Why do you want to be on the MCA board?).***

Successful applicants will be notified in October, 2013 that they will be joining the board.

MCA Board Nomination Form

Answer these questions and send to:

Home Address:
Work Address:
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Organization (If appropriate):
Title (If appropriate):
Legislative District # (If unknown, MCA can identify it for you):
Are you a current member of MCA? Have you volunteerd with MCA?
Please describe your experience with your local arts community:
Please describe your political experience (desired, but not necessary):
Why are you interested in serving on the MCA Board of Trustees?

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