Arts Give Back

Good for the soul, great for the economy

The legislative session has begun and the next two years of state arts funding are on the line! We want legislators to know that “When you support the arts the Arts Give Back!”
You can help in two ways:
1. Contact your legislator today!  And tell them how the “Arts Give Back.”
2. Spread the word to legislators and the public about how the “Arts Give Back” using the downloadable tools, programs ads and social media images below.


  • The economic impact of Minnesota’s artists, audiences are arts and culture organizations is over $2 Billion a year.
  • Minnesotans attend and participate in the arts to a higher rate than other Americans and are more likely to be artists, musicians, actors and dancers themselves.
  • 90% agree that creative activities and the arts are contributing to Minnesota’s quality of life.
  • Attendees at nonprofit arts events spend an average of $22.87 per person, not including the cost of the ticket on restaurants, parking and hotels.
  • There are 108,000 Artists and Creative Workers in Minnesota who support their families with their art.
  • Students consistently involved in music and theater show higher levels of success in math and reading.
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Thanks to the firm Russell-Herder for their pro-bono assistance in creating this campaign!

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