Arts Alert: Vote SmART! Where do the candidates stand on the arts?

Vote SmART!
Find out where candidates stand on the arts.

The election is next week! You want to be a smART voter, and we are here to help. We’ve done a survey of all of the candidates for the Minnesota House and Congress to find out where they stand on ARTS issues. You know how important the ARTS are to our communities and quality of life, but do they?

Just over half of candidates responded to the survey.
You can download their
answers here.

Here’s what we asked the candidates:

Is there a specific ARTS organization in your part of the state that you or your family particularily enjoy?

85% of responding candidates listed at least one ARTS organization.

Do you agree or disagree that nonprofit organizations should continue to be exempt from paying taxes?

95% of responding candidates agreed.

Will you protect the standard that 47% of the ARTS & Cultural Legacy Fund is appropriated to the Minnesota State ARTS Board and Regional ARTS Councils to ensure that all Minnesotans have access to the ARTS, regardless of their geographic location, through grants that reach all 87 counties?

71% of responding candidates support, with 60% supporting enthusiastically.

In regards to the ARTS and Culture Fund, would you oppose any effort to use dedicated Legacy resources for earmark projects?

83% said “YES.”

We’ve also collected information about Minnesota’s candidates for Congress and the arts records for incumbents. Check it out! By voting in this election, you have the power to decide what kind of Minnesota you want to create for the future. Please get out and vote, and encourage your friends, neighbors and co-workers to do the same.


Do you need information on how, where, when to vote?

You can get everything you need here on our elections page.