Arts Alert: Urge Gov. Dayton Now to Oppose Diverting Arts Legacy Funds to Vikings Stadium

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October 27, 2011

Ask Governor Dayton to Oppose Diversion of Arts Legacy to Vikings Stadium
In the past four days we have delivered over 3500 letters in opposition to a legislative proposal to divert the Arts Legacy Fund to pay for a Vikings stadium! We must vigorously oppose this proposal which would do harm to arts funding in every corner of the state.
Governor Dayton has been a lifelong friend of the arts community in Minnesota. That’s why today’s Star Tribune headline was hard to believe:
During the Governor’s campaign, he sat down with us for an interview about arts issues. Here’s what he said last year about the Arts & Culture Legacy Fund:
“This was a constitutional amendment passed by the people of Minnesota. The people of Minnesota voted to raise their own sales tax in order to support these programs and with all due respect to the legislature, this is not the legislature’s money, this is the people’s money. I believe that that dedicated funding should be there. The State Arts Board as well as the Regional Arts Councils are crucial to assuring that the money does go all over the state. That’s the infrastructure that has been established to assure that arts reach every community in Minnesota, it’s done a remarkable job over the last few decades. It should be supported and continued and
frankly, the legislature should keep its hands off of the people’s money.”
We know he’s a friend of the arts. We need to make sure he knows the damage this proposal would do to the arts across the state.
Go Here Now to send a letter to Governor Dayton.
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