Arts Alert: How Do Your Candidates Stand on the Arts?…And New Polling Shows MN Supports the Arts

How Does Your Candidate Stand on the Arts?

In Minnesota we pride ourselves on being informed voters. MCA has surveyed everyone on the November 8 ballot to help you find arts-friendly candidates.

State issues include:

  • Protecting Legacy Arts Funding
  • Nonprofit Tax Exemptions
  • And More.

Find out who said:

  • “Throughout our state, the arts are a very important piece of the social, economic and cultural fabric.”
  • “I have been working to preserve/restore arts education across the state, realizing the enormous benefit to human growth and civilization.”
  • “I created the Legacy Amendment.”

Download their answers here and
Vote on November 8!

(Note that the survey has been greatly updated since preliminary answers were posted for the Primary in September. Congressional and Presidential candidates have been added, and many more legislative candidates have responded). 

Need to Know Where to Vote?

Minnesota (really is) Nice:

Arts Midwest recently revealed some interesting polling data about Minnesotan’s support for the arts. If you are connected with Minnesota Citizens for the Arts, I know you are an arts supporter. But what do people outside the arts think?

The Arts Midwest 2014 study asked the general public about what is most important to them, and where creativity and the arts fit into that picture.

Here’s what they found out about Minnesota’s residents:

  • 78% agree that creativity is important to them personally
  • 70% agree that arts and culture are an essential part of a strong and vibrant community
  • 70% agree that the arts and culture are an important sector of our economy
  • 82% think it’s important to have the opportunity to express themselves creatively or to experience the creativity of others every day
  • 82% agree children should have the opportunity to express or experience arts and culture in their daily school activities.

If you agree with these statements, you should be a member of MCA! Join Today at

For more information about the Arts Midwest project, go here: Minnesota Really is Nice.


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