Arts Alert: Arts Advocacy Day is Coming! / Farewell to the Great Arts Advocate Joan Mondale

Arts Alert: Arts Advocacy Day is Coming! / Farewell to the Great Arts Advocate Joan Mondale.

Arts Advocacy Day is Coming!

Arts Advocacy Day will be March 27, 2014. It’s the biggest arts networking day of the year!

Protect State Arts Funding
MCA invites you to join your fellow arts advocates at the Minnesota History Center and State Capitol to talk about the arts, make new friends, and educate our legislators.

Artists and arts supporters from across the state will join together to protect Art & Legacy funding, making sure we remain the strongest arts community in the country. Together we will speak about the impact that arts funding has had on our lives and our communities. Meet great arts people from all over the state, and make a difference with your friends and neighbors.

You and your team will be led by an experienced advocate who has participated in past Arts Advocacy Days and knows what to do. Following a brief rally, you and your team will visit a series of legislators over the morning, giving you plenty of time to get to know your teammates and the issues you are discussin.

By working together we show the strength of Minnesota’s arts community. Let your elected officials know what you think!


Arts Advocacy Day Schedule:
7:30 AM Meet at the History Center in St. Paul
8:00 AM Advocacy Class for New Attendees
8:00 AM Registration and Coffee if not attending class
8:30 AM Arts Rally, Legislative Speakers, and Join Your Team
9:30 AM Walk/Ride to Capitol
9:30 AM – 1 PM Legislator Appointments

Farewell to a Great Arts Advocate

Minnesota mourns the loss of the great Joan Mondale, known as “Joan of Art” to her many, many friends in the arts community not just statewide, or across the nation, but around the world.

Joan was a life long arts advocate who had a hand in helping so many artists and arts organizations thrive that attempting to make a list is a futile task. As the matriarch of the family of Vice President and Ambassador to Japan Walter Mondale, Joan took every opportunity to advance the cause of making art central to the lives of Americans and to supporting the lives of artists. In her own words:

“Some people still wonder why the government should subsidize the arts…They might as well as ask why the government should subsidize our highways.”

Joan was an avid potter and in fact used her pottery to reach out to the Japanese people while her husband served as Ambassador, giving her own pottery as gifts. She served on the boards of the Walker Art Center, Minnesota Orchestra, American Craft Council, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and National Portrait Gallery. A gallery in the Textile Center is named after her because of her help and advocacy in establishing the Center. She also helped establish the Northern Clay Center.

She encouraged artists and arts advocates to get more engaged in politics:

“Sometimes we do not realize how important our participation in politics is. Often we need to be reminded of our duty as citizens,” she wrote. Artists can do just that; they can look at our politicians, our institutions and our problems to help us understand them better.”

And she was part of MCA’s history as well, as she was part of the early conversations about creating the Legacy Amendment which created dedicated state funding for the arts for 25 years in Minnesota. Listen to MCA lobbyist Larry Redmond talk about her involvement in a recent MPR interview.

Farewell to a great Arts Advocate.

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