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June 24, 2012

Campaigning and Caring for the Arts
What a crazy year! MCA has been fighting hard to protect the Arts Legacy Fund from attempts to divert it first to the Vikings stadium and then to multiple other projects. When legislators first proposed diverting the Arts Legacy Fund we immediately jumped into action, alerting both arts and conservation advocates and delivering over 13,000 letters of opposition. Without MCA, the arts would be defenseless at the legislature. When these legislators showed little compassion for the arts, our community’s swift and vocal opposition made them realize that none of these proposals were a good idea and put them aside.

But even with these successes, the arts are never safe.

The legislature has adjourned and your legislators are heading home to campaign for re-election in November. You can be assured that Minnesota Citizens for the Arts (MCA) will be working to make sure that every candidate, regardless of party, knows how important the arts are to our economy and quality of life. MCA will be an important, helpful resource, keeping you updated about where candidates for the Legislature and Congress stand on the arts. That is why it is important for you to become a member of MCA today, so that we can continue to give you the most up-to-date news on which legislators will be kind to the arts, and which ones will not.

This election will be important for the arts and we need your help. The state will soon be facing another deficit, and you can bet there will be other attempts to divert arts funding away from the artists and arts organizations that need this support in every corner of the state. We know that you are an arts supporter and care deeply for the arts in your community. Your donation to MCA will enable us to make the case for the arts on the campaign trail. Also, as a member you will receive the results of our user-friendly Candidate Survey in October that will inform you where your candidates stand on arts issues so you can be a more informed voter. And when you become a member today you can be sure that MCA will be protecting the arts this year and for years to come.

Please become a member today and help our efforts to advocate for the best arts community in the country. You can join online at

Thank you for your ongoing support,
Faye Price
MCA Membership Chair
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