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June 19, 2012

1. Chairman of the NEA Says Minnesota a National Model
2. Rochester’s Arts Economic Impact: $38.2M/Year
3. St. Cloud Legacy Weekend
4. Free Training for Cultural Data Project


1. Chairman of the NEA Says Minnesota a National Model

Rocco Landesman, Chairman of the NEA, was in town to visit with
Congresswoman Betty McCollum (D- St. Paul) and a group of arts leaders
at the University Club in St. Paul.

“Minnesota is a national model for arts support, between passage
of the Legacy Amendment and the high arts participation rate of the
public,” he said.

As reported in an MPR story, he also told a group of arts organizations
at the History Theatre that he thought the fight over NEA funding would
be less severe than in previous years:

NEA funding comes before Congress next week. McCollum serves on the
congressional committee which will take up that discussion. Landesman
does not expect the debate to be as controversial as it has been in the
past and is confident the package will go through.
“I think they have bigger fish to fry, or something. I think
people accept the arts are important, they are an important part of
people’s daily lives,” Landesman said. “I don’t sense the
hostility toward the arts, per se. I think there is a hostility towards
spending money on anything. But I don’t sense we are being targeted in
the way we were sometimes in the past.”

See more about the visit in MPR’s story here.


2. Rochester’s Arts Economic Impact: $38.2M/Year

Americans for the Arts Released Arts & Economic Prosperity IV last
week at their annual conference in San Antonio, TX. Rochester was the
only Minnesota city studied, and the numbers were big:

$19M total arts industry expendiatures each year in Rochester, MN
$19M spent by arts and culture audiences in Rochester annually
873 jobs supported
Nearly $1M in annual revenue to local government
Over $2M in annual revenue to state government

Total arts attendance in Rochester is just over 1 million people per
year, with 27% coming from outside the city. Average amount spent per
arts attendee, in addition to the cost of their ticket: nearly $19 per

More detail from the study can be found here:

3. St. Cloud Legacy Weekend

You’ll want to reserve the weekend of July 20-22 for the St. Cloud
Legacy Weekend, with many fun activities to highlight the ways that
Legacy funding creates opportunities for Minnesotans to explore the
arts and the outdoors.

Here’s some of the fun activities that are already lined up:
Great Theatre’s “Theatre in the Park.” Free outdoor evening
theater experience held at Heritage Park, July 19-21 at 7:30 pm.

Paramount Theatre studio tour and arts exhibit.

Production of “Chicago” on stage. Daytime film festival
featuring Minnesota film makers, including legacy recipient John Scott.
Pioneer Place on Fifth.

Quarry Park and Nature Preserve, a 643-acre park comprised of 30
abandoned granite quarries, will feature the operation of the Liberty

“Adventures in History” Enjoy a stroll through time at the
Stearns History Museum.

St Cloud Riverwalk Self-Guided History Tour. This educational tour
explores sixteen interesting landmarks along the Mississippi River.
Check out an mp3 player at the St Cloud Best Western Kelly Inn.

And more to come! Explore Minnesota has created a website where you can
find the details as they become available:

Legacy Weekends are a project of Minnesota Citizens for the Arts,
Conservation Minnesota, Explore Minnesota Tourism and local partners.


4. Free Training for Cultural Data Project

The Cultural Data Project is here and free trainings are available
across the state!

The CDP’s orientation sessions will provide you with an
overview of the history and goals of the project, an introduction to
the types of data collected, and tips for how to get started completing
your Data Profile or using the CDP’s reporting features.

These sessions are a great way to get the most from the CDP, so
please feel free to attend with more than one representative of your
organization, including your executive director, your finance
manager/bookkeeper, your development director, or a board member.
For dates, times and more info:

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