You Are Invited To Arts Advocacy Day 2001

January 5, 2001

You Are Invited To Arts Advocacy Day 2001!
Please join us at the Minnesota History Center and State Capitol in St. Paul on February 7

Imagine thisÉlast year, over 400 arts advocates come from every corner of Minnesota to thank our state legislators for supporting the arts. This year, we’d like to surpass that number.

At MCA’s Arts Advocacy Day, representatives of all parts of Minnesota’s extraordinary arts community come together for one day to:

talk about the arts,
to make new friends, and
to educate our legislators about the importance of the arts to Minnesota.
There will be artists and small rural choirs and suburban community theaters, presenters, big organizations, museums, choirs and art centers of all sizes and painters, tenors, dancers, cellists, french horn players, arts administrators, and everyone else you can think of joining together for this big day.

Past participants have enthusiastically reported two things about Advocacy Day.

First, they feel empowered by gathering together with 400 likeminded people. Second, they say that Arts Advocacy Day is the best arts networking event of the year, because it is the only time that arts lovers of all kinds gather together in one place. Through this big day, we show what a strong, vital arts community we have in Minnesota.

Participation in events like Arts Advocacy Days in the past has led to significant increases in state arts funding, including 1997’s $12 Million Arts Initiative, for which the unified voice of the arts community was critical to our success.

Be a part of the team! Join us for a fun day at the Minnesota State Capitol.

Two years ago, some legislators proposed cutting the arts by 50%, but our strong, united voice prevented the cuts. The arts appropriation is up for consideration again this year. In addition, the elections in November brought many newly elected legislators who need to be educated about the importance of the arts to our state. In addition, there are rumors that bills may be considered to change or weaken nonprofit tax exemptions.

The legislative session began January 3, 2001. On February 7, Arts Advocacy Day, we’ll be out in force to say “please support arts funding.”

How can you help? By joining us on Advocacy Day and adding your voice to the chorus in support of the arts.