Thank the Governor for Recommending Stable Arts Funding

February 9, 2001

Governor Ventura recommended stable funding for the arts this year. We want to make sure he knows we ap-preciate his recommendation. Could you take five minutes to send him a quick thank you note?

“Thank you for supporting stable arts funding this session. It has meant so much to our state. I hope you’ll continue to support the arts in the future.”

If you only have five minutes, just send him a thank you note saying the above. If you have a little more time to write, say something about how important the arts, and/or your organization in particular, are to your town.

Address your letter to:

Governor Jesse Ventura
130 State Capitol Building
St. Paul, MN 55155

Thank you!


On Wednesday, February 7, despite the terrible weather, over 330 arts advocates came from around the state to St. Paul to visit with their legislators and talk about support for the arts. The good news is that the majority of legislators expressed support for the arts and opposition to taxing non-profits. The bad news is that we recently learned the chairman of the House committee is proposing to cut the arts by over 40%. If you came and participated, THANK YOU.

If you couldn’t attend, please take a moment to call or write your legislators and ask them to support the arts. If you need addresses, just give us a call.

As Rep. Ann Rest said last year, “Ten letters can influence a legislator.”
Make yourself one of the ten!


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