Senator Paul Wellstone


We are shocked and saddened by the loss of Senator Paul Wellstone, his wife, daughter, staff members and pilots. Senator Wellstone was a vigorous supporter of the arts in the Senate, a true friend who will be missed in our state’s public life, but more importantly in the hearts of many of us who were honored to work with him. Senator Wellstone understood the value of the arts to our communities and to our children.

Here are his own words:

“As a Senator from Minnesota, I think the most important thing we can do as Senators is to do our work every day in such a way that we can assure equal opportunity for every child…Different children are good at different things. Some are really good at academics…some are athletes; some are musicians; some are artists.” “Some of the things that these kids do, some of the ways in which they are creative and express themselves, some of the ways in which they, in turn, contribute to community, based upon the nurturing and the support from the NEA grants, it is just a marvelous thing to see.” -11/99, U.S. Senate Debate
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