Remember to Vote



On Tuesday, September 10, 2002 you have an opportunity to vote for candidates in a variety of offices in the primary election. This preliminary step in the voting process is the way that the field is narrowed to one for each office for the partisan candidates in the four major parties in Minnesota (DFL, Republican, Green and Independence) and to the top two candidates in the non-partisan races.

IT MATTERS WHO GETS ELECTED. Simply put that means some one you want to see elected might be eliminated from the ballot on Tuesday. This includes candidates for Governor, State Senate and House, US Congress and many SCHOOL BOARDS. So get out and vote.

To find out where to vote, how to register, and who the state office candidates are, go to the Secretary of State’s website. To find out what and local and county offices are up for election, check with your city clerk or county auditor. There are links to many local and county web sites here . About a week after the primary, MCA will post on our website the answers candidates have made to our survey on their opinions on the arts. Check out soon!