Nonprofit Development Fund to Have Hearing in House Committee

April 3, 2001

We thought you might like to know about the following bill. It is unclear whether it has a chance of passage this year, but it could be a very good thing for Minnesota’s nonprofits, including arts nonprofits. The text below comes from the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits:

Between April 2nd and 11th the House Commerce, Jobs & Economic Development Committee will hear H.F. 1086 (Reps. Gunther, Paymar, Stang, Rukavina), the NONPROFIT DEVELOPMENT FUND.


NEED: Minnesota’s nonprofit organizations play an essential role in the state’s economy and in the quality of life that we enjoy in our communities. Expectations for nonprofit programs and services are high and they have proven their value. Now nonprofits need technical assistance to strengthen their management practices.

CURRENT RESOURCES: Funding for nonprofit capacity building and management assistance comes almost exclusively from philanthropic organizations. It is unevenly distributed throughout the state, and it is insufficient to meet the needs of community-based organizations. Grants and contracts from state and county government generally do not provide funds for organizational development. At a time when nonprofits are expected to meet an increasing range of needs and to deliver programs and services efficiently, management assistance is a necessary and wise investment.

THE NONPROFIT DEVELOPMENT FUND: The Fund will provide $2 million for small grants, $5,000 to $35,000, to nonprofit organizations for management assistance. It will be administered by six regional foundations in Greater Minnesota and two community foundations in the Twin Cities. The grants will be awarded on a competitive basis and recipients will need to report outcomes to the granting foundation.

Please contact House committee members (especially the Committee Chair) and encourage them to support this bill, which would provide small grants to nonprofits for improving governance, financial management, and technology. The Representatives on this committee are:

Committee Chair: Gregory Davids, Preston 549 SOB, 651-296-9278
Vice Chair: Doug Stang, Cold Spring 597 SOB, 651-296-4373

Tom Rukavina,Virginia 375 SOB, 651-296-0170
Thomas Bakk, Cook 345 SOB, 651-296-2190
Fran Bradley, Rochester 559 SOB, 651-296-9249
Karen Clark, Mpls 307 SOB, 651-296-0294
Matt Entenza, St. Paul 261 SOB, 651-296-8799
Ron Erhardt, Edina 591 SOB, 651-296-4363
Chris Gerlach,Apple Valley 531 SOB, 651-296-5506
Bob Gunther, Fairmont 379 SOB, 651-296-3420
Bill Haas, Champlin 569 SOB, 651-296-5513
Tom Hackbarth, Cedar 577 SOB, 651-296-2439
Jeff Johnson, Plymouth 487 SOB, 651-296-5511
Dan Larson, Bloomington 221 SOB, 651-296-7158
Rob Leighton, Austin 289 SOB, 651-296-4193
Arlon Linder, Corcoran 417 SOB, 651-296-7806
Tim Mahoney, St. Paul 377 SOB, 651-296-4277
Paul Marquart, Dilworth 311 SOB, 651-296-6829
Dan McElroy, Burnsville 437 SOB, 651-296-4212
Joe Mullery, Minneapolis 387 SOB, 651-296-4262
Joe Opatz, St. Cloud 277 SOB, 651-296-6612
Michael Paymar, St. Paul 209 SOB, 651-296-4199
Connie Ruth, Owatonna 415 SOB, 651-296-5368
Tony Sertich, Chisholm 233 SOB, 651-296-0172
Barb Sykora, Excelsior 403 SOB, 651-296-4315
Dale Walz, Brainerd 527 SOB, 651-296-4333
Andrew Westerberg, Blaine 523 SOB, 651-296-4226

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