Minnesota Artists to Perform at the Capitol

March 8, 2001

“Chamber” Music and more!

Arts Performances will be held in the House Chamber at the State Capitol in St. Paul on Thursday, March 15, at 2:00, before the start of House floor session. A reception will follow in the House retiring room. The show will include a variety of disciplines, including theatre, dance, classical, folk and opera music. We hope to give legislators a taste of the varied arts available in our state. You are invited to come watch the performances.

Most Nonprofit Tax Proposals Withdrawn from Governor’s Bill!

Governor Ventura has withdrawn from his budget all proposals that would have jeopardized the tax-exempt status of nonprofits. Thanks to all nonprofits who arranged meetings with legislators, called, and wrote letters! YOUR HARD WORK MADE A DIFFERENCE!

The property tax proposal is definitely gone. However, we should note that we are still studying new language proposed by the Finance Dept. concerning the non-profit ticket tax exemption intended to stop abuses of the exemption. The new language states: “To provide the requirements for an event to be sponsored by a nonprofit organization, the organization must actively participate in planning and conducting the event, it must assume the risk of loss as a result of the event and the organization must receive the entire net proceeds from the event.”

We are studying the language to make sure it would not negatively affect the non-profit arts community. We will provide further information as we obtain it.