MCA Community Meeting To Discuss State Bonding for Cultural Facilities

December 18, 2000

January 16, 2001
10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
PATH Meeting Room
2324 University Ave W, St. Paul

Minnesota Citizens for the Arts has convened a Bonding Task Force to look at issues surrounding arts organizations’ requests to the state for bonding money to help build cultural facilities around the state. We’d like your input on the following questions:

Why should the state be involved in long term bonding for arts facilities?
What is the statewide magnitude of capital needs for the arts community? Are there certain statewide and regional arts policy priorities that should be dealt with first?
BACKGROUND: Over the past many years, various arts groups have approached the legislature and governor in the hopes of obtaining funds to build facilities that help them serve their mission and the public. Considering how difficult it can be to find the funds to build or renovate facilities for the arts, it is understandable that people trying to meet the needs of their organizations and audiences have asked the state to contribute to their project. Some have been successful but many have not, mostly because the legislature is a very complicated environment and the effort is often overwhelming to those organizations who have sought the funds.

Organizations and communities all across the state are contemplating needs for their cultural facilities. We’d like to know what issues concern you the most about arts groups asking for capital bonding money from the state. Our goal is to find out if there is a role MCA can reasonably play in the future Ð perhaps educational, perhaps something more involved Ð to help the arts community be more successful in the legislative environment.

Are you contemplating a new building or renovation? Then this meeting may prove educational for you as well as our task force.