Arts Alert! Take Action: Keep Music and the Arts In MN Schools!


Keep Music and the Arts IN MN Schools! 

Input Needed for MN’s Draft ESSA Plan by Aug 30

The federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) placed music and the arts where they belong – as an important part of a well-rounded education. However, the Minnesota Department of Education just released a draft ESSA Plan –with good and not-so-good news for our children and students. The MN Dept. of Education has posted a public comment survey online and you can help make sure the arts are a part of every Minnesota student’s education: 

We can influence the plan with comments no later than August 30th

1. Measuring Access to Well-Rounded Education:

Well-rounded education – including music and the arts – is critical to every child. Currently, not every child can access or attend music and the arts on a regular basis.  

***We support the plan to add a measure of equitable access to a well-rounded education, including music and the arts, in the future. (Title I, Part A Accountability) ***

2. Keep Music and the Arts in School:

Reports from Stakeholder Groups later name music and the arts as an “enrichment” a “resource outside the classroom” and an “activity.” However, both US and Minnesota law both place music and the arts in school, as part of a child’s education. 

***Ask that all subjects in a well-rounded education, including music and the arts, are recognized as fundamental learning, as part of the regular school day, as required by law, – not as extras.  ****

Go Here to make sure you are heard.

Comment, ask parents and community members to raise their voices. You can cut and paste the remarks in bold above.

Also, there are two more public meetings you can attend to urge commissioners to include the arts as a fundamental part, and not an extra, in Minnesota students’ education:

6:00 to 7:30 PM today and tomorrow:

  • Sartell: Tuesday, August 22 at Resource Trainint and Education, First Level Training Rooms
  • Duluth, Wednesday, August 23, at Denfield High School Cafeteria

Let’s keep Music and the Arts in MN Schools!