Arts Alert: New Creative Minnesota Study Will Be Released at Arts Advocacy Day, March 12

The new Creative Minnesota 2019 report will be released at Arts Advocacy Day

Get the latest news on the arts

from the Creative Minnesota 2019 study!

8:00 AM, March 12, 2019

at the Minnesota Historical Society Auditorium

Before the Arts Advocacy Day Rally which begins at 9:00 AM 

The Creative Minnesota 2019 report includes statewide, regional and local looks at nonprofit arts and culture organizations, their audiences, artists and creative workers in 2016. New this year, it also looks at arts education in Minnesota schools. In addition, fifteen local studies show substantial economic impact from the nonprofit arts and culture sector in every corner of the state, from the Iron Range to Detroit Lakes to Hutchinson.

“The report also tracks how the passage of the Legacy Amendment in Minnesota has had a big impact in increasing access to the arts across the state,” said Sheila Smith, Executive Director of Minnesota Citizens for the Arts.

“It’s wonderful to see how the access to the arts
and culture has grown in our state over the
last ten years. It shows that when we support

the arts, the Arts Give Back.

The Legacy Amendment was passed by a statewide vote of the people of Minnesota in 2008 and created dedicated funding for the arts and culture in Minnesota, along with support for land and water conservation and parks and trails. The legislature appropriates funding from the Legacy Arts and Culture Fund to the Minnesota State Arts Board, Regional Arts Councils, Minnesota Historical Society and other nonprofits to provide access to the arts and culture for all Minnesotans.

What will you learn from the report?

Minnesotans strongly believe the arts and culture are important to their quality of life, and Minnesotans attend and participate in the arts more than other Americans, for one thing.

The full statewide study, eleven regional and fifteen local studies will all be available for free for download from after March 12, 2019. Some local studies are already posted.

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Creative Minnesota was developed by a collaborative of arts and culture supporting organizations in partnership with Minnesota Citizens for the Arts (MCA). The report includes both new, original research and analysis of data created by others. It is a long-term endeavor to provide hard data about the arts sector for education, policy making, and advocacy. We envision that arts advocates, legislators, local government officials, schools and parents, as well as arts and culture organizations, will use this report to find new ways to improve their lives and communities with arts and culture. Creative Minnesota research is available for free at