Arts Alert: Join Us at Arts Advocacy Day on Mar. 19!

“I hope you’ll join me for this day of celebration of the depth and breadth of the arts in our state!” -MCA Board Chair Mary Ann Aufderheide

“As a past attendee of Arts Advocacy Day I’m impressed and amazed by the number of attendees and their passion for the power of the arts in their lives. My colleagues come from all over the state for one very important reason – to thank our legislators for their ongoing support of the arts! For me, Arts Advocacy Day is an honor to meet with my representatives, who may have only been names in their newsletters, and tell them face to face about the depth of arts experiences happening in their/my district.  As the leader of a nonprofit choral organization I have the privilege of sharing that impact, whether it is awakening a love for music in a 3rd grader or engaging older adults in the joy and healing power of singing together – it is powerful to give my legislators points of pride to share with their colleagues about arts experiences in their districts.
 –Mary Ann Aufderheide, MCA Board Chair and Managing Director of VocalEssence

“My favorite thing about Arts Advocacy Day is sitting at the check-in table in the morning, saying hi to old friends and meeting new people as they come in the door. 

It feels like a warm family reunion for the Minnesota arts community, where we can all get together and work for our common purpose. 

Another highlight of the day is always my Representative Frank Hornstein’s famous Bob Dylan impression!”

Join Us!

-Tamara Nadel, MCA Board Member and founding member of Ragamala Dance Company, where she serves a dual role as Company Dancer/Soloist and Development & Outreach Director. Below she is volunteering at the check-in tables at Arts Advocacy Day 2019.