Arts Alert: Deadline Extended! for Local Creative Minnesota Studies, And Other News


Openings Available Now forLocal Creative Minnesota Studies

We have heard from applicants that a little more time was needed,
and we still have room for more participants, so we’ve extended the deadline to 
July 24.

We know nearby restaurants are busier when there is a performance at the local theater. We know creative events enliven city centers and engage residents. Over 23 million Minnesotans attended an cultural event produced by a nonprofit organization in 2016. The impact of that activity alone was $671 million in spending across the state of Minnesota. If you’d like to know how the arts impact your area – so you can better grow and expand that positive impact – we invite you to participate in the next round of arts and cultural economic impact studies produced by Creative Minnesota!  

Creative Minnesota has conducted 65 studies for cities, counties, and regions throughout the state, jump starting important conversations with local civic and business leaders and arts organizations about the importance of arts and culture to local restaurants and retailers, the workforce, and local government revenues. For the low cost of $1,750 your chosen ‘geography’ can participate in the creation of a customized report. The data will establish a baseline for understanding about the economic benefits of arts and culture in your area. You can use this knowledge to plan for your best arts and cultural future.

Creative Minnesota can only accept 15 new study requests for this upcoming study period. Contact us now to get the details and contract so you can enroll by July 24, 2019. Openings will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 651-251-0868 – staff at, or my research associate, Brenda Kayzar, at 612-730-7913 – Brenda at  The arts give back, and we’ll show you just how much!

Is Your High School Offering the Arts Education Your Students Deserve?

Check Out‘s New

Arts Education Data Project to Find Out!

There is a new window into arts education at Creative Minnesota showing what art courses are being offered in Minnesota high schools.

The Arts Education Data Project is a new partnership between Creative

Minnesota, the Minnesota Department of Education, and the Perpich Center for Arts Education with the assistance of the Minnesota Music Educators Association.  Its aim is to understand what student access to arts education looks like across the state. The resulting study and online resource share data for high schools, and information on grades K-8 will become available over time.

This tool helps schools, principals, superintendents, families and community members learn whether or not their school is providing the state-mandated access to arts courses. They can then advocate for more arts education in their communities. The project also examines whether access to and participation in arts education is equitable across Minnesota and for different groups of students.

The Arts Education Data Project is the first opportunity to learn about arts course offerings across the state. It is not yet known what percentage of students have access to the three arts areas in high school because many schools have not reported. It may be that what their school has reported does not meet the requirement, or it may be that the school has not reported in at all. As more schools submit the necessary information and understand the reporting requirements, better data will be available.

Visit to see your high school’s arts offerings. If your school’s data is missing, give them a call and ask them to report.