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August 20, 2008

1. Come See Our Giant Bobber at the MN State Fair


3. Join the “ARTS SQUAD”

4. Spread the Word: New Article About the Amendment for Your Next Newsletter


1. Come See Our Giant Bobber at the MN State Fair

Like Willie Nelson impersonators and the DNR, the Vote Yes! Campaign is making a huge splash at the Fair this year, with a giant bobber-shaped booth where we will hold kid\\’s fishing and Guitar Hero contests. There will also be a video booth where you can talk about the Minnesota you love, some guys walking around in our cut-out canoe, and lots of volunteers wearing “Vote Yes! shirts mingling with the thousands enjoying the sights and sounds of the Great Minnesota Get-Together. Our goal is to make sure fairgoers know about and support the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment.

Going to the Fair? Come visit our booth near the Horticulture Building (on Underwood north of Judson) and be a part of the video project. Even better, you can volunteer to help staff the booth by contacting Justin at or by signing up on our website.

The Great State of Minnesota Award at the Fair:

MCA has again sponsored “The Great State of Minnesota Award” in the Fine Arts competition. Congratulations to Mary Jo Van Dell of Stillwater for her winning oil on canvas entry “Steel Cascade.” The award is given to the work by a Minnesota artist that, in the opinion of the judges, shows exceptional skill in depicting Minnesota subject matter. Her painting has pride of place in the Fine Arts Building, and she will receive $200, a huge ribbon and a certificate from MCA. Congratulations to Mary Jo! In a year when we are talking a lot about both the arts and clean water, it’s fun that the winning art work is of a waterfall near Beaver Bay, MN. Photos will be posted soon at


2. DESIGN THIS POSTER Contest Update

FYI – Details for the contest are now up on the Vote Yes! site and also on MCA’s site for good measure. So get designing!

Need a chance to flex your creative muscles? This one is for you!

The Vote Yes Minnesota campaign is currently accepting submissions for their “DESIGN THIS POSTER” contest, which will raise awareness about the The Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment. The winning posters will be seen all over the Twin Cities, and the artists who designed them will enjoy fantastic prizes from Wet Paint arts supply store, Walker Art Center and Minnesota Citizens for the Arts.

Want to learn more? Visit the campaign website,, for the official contest rules and submission form. And don’t miss the submission deadline of September 26, 2008.

And Don’t Forget… The Vote Yes! Film Contest

Dear Minnesota Filmmakers: To celebrate and spread the word about The Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment, the Vote Yes campaign is proud to announce a Film Contest. We want Minnesotan’s from all corners of the state and with all levels of experience to tell us why they love their state, in three minutes or less. There is no entry fee; the deadline for submission is September 1, 2008. The best story will be rewarded with a prize of $1,000, and viewing opportunities around the state and on-line, including at the Walker Art Museum! Rules and guidelines are posted on Please forward this opportunity to as many people as you can. This is a great opportunity for both new and established filmmakers to get their film in front of many faces at the Walker and around the state, for an amateur to get noticed, or a chance for someone to tell their Minnesota story.


3. Join the “ARTS SQUAD”

There’s never been such a historic opportunity for the arts community to come together to make a huge difference as we have this year. So join our new ARTS SQUAD as we run around the state doing lit drops to help pass the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment that could triple state funding for the arts! We will meet almost every Saturday from August 16 until the election on Nov. 4 at MCA’s offices in St. Paul and then travel out to do a three hour lit drop somewhere in the state. Meet at 9 a.m. at MCA’s offices on August 23 and 30. Later in the fall we will be doing Mankato, St. Cloud, Northfield, Rochester and St. Peter, dates and times TBA. Come make a difference with us! Contact Shaylie at MCA, 651-251-0868 or to join the ARTS SQUAD and kick some butt for the arts.


Host a house party
Can you host a small gathering where we can talk to small groups of people about the campaign and the amendment? If you would be interested in hosting a house party, please contact Justin Fay at 651-644-2088 or email

Invite a Speaker to Your Events
One of the best ways to spread the word is to invite someone from MCA or the Vote Yes! campaign to talk to your board, staff group, or civic organization. You can just respond to this email if you would like to have someone come to your meeting or event.

County Fairs
County Fair Season is here! In many parts of the state, county fairs are one of the largest events of the year, making them a great venue for reaching a significant number of people. It is very important for the Vote Yes campaign to have a visible presence in as many fairs as possible – in many cases, that will mean working with one of our terrific partner organizations. If your organization is planning on having a table or booth at a county fair (or other large community festival) this summer and would be willing to share some Vote Yes materials with folks who stop by your booth – please let us know. Contact Justin Fay at for more information.

As the election draws closer, our focus will increasingly shift to direct voter contact. A large crew of volunteers who are willing to donate an occasional evening to help contact folks about the Amendment are necessary in order for the campaign to be successful. Individuals willing to join us for a few hours of phoning should contact Justin Fay for more information –

Letters to the Editor writers
We have 28 dailies across the state and 79 weeklies – all of which we would love to get letters in to. If you can help by getting a letter to the Editor in a daily or weekly paper near you – please contact Charlie Poster at 651-644-2088 x13 or email him We will provide sample letters and/or talking points to help make it easier for you.

Signs and Literature
If you’ve got windows on a busy street, we have window signs available at the campaign office. We also have literature you can put out or pass out at public events. Contact Donna at 651-644-2088 or to get stuff for your organization.

And, Finally, Sign up Here
to get notice of all of the volunteer opportunities and news from the campaign:


4. Spread the Word: The Latest Article About the Amendment for Your Next Newsletter

You Can Help the Arts!

On November 4th, 2008 Minnesota voters will have a chance to Vote Yes to dedicated funding for clean water and the arts.

Arts and Culture: a good investment for every Minnesota Community.

The arts and culture bring us a high quality of life in Minnesota. Every corner of our state is home to important arts, music an theater programs that educate, entertain and bring our communities together. Minnesotans participate in the arts at a higher rate than other states. Our 1400 nonprofit arts and culture organizations serve millions of Minnesotans and contribute over a billion dollars annually to Minnesota\\’s economy. Minnesota\\’s arts and history need to be maintained, protected and passed on to future generations.

The arts get cut at the legislature every time there is a budget squeeze.

The arts and clean water need stable and long term sources of funding. While the arts are a very tiny part of the state\\’s budget, they are slashed every time the state has a deficit. In fact, we lost 32% of state arts funding in 2003. Few other items in the state budget were cut as much as the arts. A yes vote means arts funding could triple throughout all of Minnesota.

The Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment will preserve Minnesota\\’s clean water, great outdoors, arts and history for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.

Here\\’s how it will appear on you ballot November 4th:

“Clean Water, Wildlife, Cultural Heritage, and Natural Areas

Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to dedicate funding to protect our drinking water sources; to protect, enhance, and restore our wetlands, prairies, forests, and fish, game, and wildlife habitat; to preserve our arts and cultural heritage; to support our parks and trails; and to protect, enhance, and restore our lakes, rivers, steams, and groundwater by increasing the sales and use tax rate beginning July 1, 2009, by three-eighths of one percent on taxable sales until the year 2034? YES_____ NO _______ ”

Remember: If you skip this question, your vote will count as a “NO” VOTE.

On November 4th make your voice heard and Vote Yes to protect the Minnesota you love!

We May Never Get This Chance Again.

To see who\\’s endorsed the amendment, sign-up to help the cause, or find out more info go to Or call the VOTE YES! office at (651) 644-2088.


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