Arts Alert: Be a Smart Arts Voter in the Primary August 14

What Do
Candidates Say
About the Arts?

Learn and then Vote in the Primary,
Aug. 14!

Candidates Respond to MCA on Arts Issues

There are many important races that will be decided in the August 14 Primary Election. MCA has asked candidates across the state about important arts issues. While their answers are still coming in, we thought you would be interested to see their stand on arts issues before you vote on August 14, 2018.

Our survey collected answers from candidates for the Minnesota Legislature, U.S. House and Senate, and Minnesota Governor on issues such as protecting Legacy arts funding, nonprofit tax exempts, and whether the candidates have connections to their local arts organizations.  


If your legislator has not yet responded to the survey,

urge them to do so!” 

Find out who said:

  1. “As governor, I’ll support the arts for both reasons, for what they do for our souls, and what they do for our economy.”
  2. “I am blessed to live in a rich arts community… I have filled my home and office in St. Paul with original pieces of art that bring me great joy.”
  3. “As Speaker of the Minnesota House, I built a successful coalition across party lines to make sure arts, arts education and arts access were protected and funded through Minnesota’s Legacy Amendment.”

Download their answers HERE

and VOTE on (or before) August 14!

Where Do You Vote? Find Out Now:


(Answers: 1. Erin Murphy (D), candidate for MN Governor,  2. Marion O’Neill, (R), candidate for House district 29B (Buffalo, Monticello),  3. Margaret Anderson-Kelliher (D), candidate for the 5th Congressional District 5 (Hennepin County).