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Celebrating 10 Years of Legacy

Dear Arts Advocate:

2018 will be the 10th anniversary of the passage of the Legacy Amendment and also will be Minnesota Citizens for the Arts (MCA’s) 45th Anniversary. 

Back in 2008, MCA’s supporting artists and arts organizations, like you, joined together to pass the Legacy Amendment. “Art for all and all for art.”

Celebrate with us by joining MCA today!

The Legacy amendment placed the arts into Minnesota’s constitution and guaranteed funding for 25 years. You can help us celebrate the 10th anniversary of that historic day by becoming a member of MCA today so that we can continue to advocate for the arts both locally and nationally and make sure the arts will have a seat at the Legacy table for years to come. 
With your membership and support MCA will continue that Legacy. Your membership helps MCA to spread the good news on how Legacy funds are being used effectively in all 87 Minnesota counties. We make sure the arts aren’t a partisan issue and that legislators from both sides of the aisle continue to support the arts.
Because of your support we’ve had a huge impact with the passage of the Legacy Amendment:

  • State arts funding at the Legislature has tripled since 2008
  • MCA has produced over 50 arts economic impact studies through Creative Minnesota
  • The documented economic impact from the arts in Minnesota has grown from $838.5 million to over $2 billion since the passage of the Legacy Amendment
  • Annual Attendees at arts and culture events has jumped by 4.5 million a year since passage of Legacy

Joining MCA means you value arts funding and want to ensure our continued success on behalf of the arts at the Legislature. Other states look to Minnesota as the national leader in arts advocacy and have asked us to share how they too can pass a Legacy Amendment. They see a state with the nation’s longest serving arts advocacy organization in MCA. But most importantly they see you and all the arts advocates who fight every year for our many victories. Thank you for joining me in becoming a member today.
Forward together in the arts,

MCA Membership Chair
Sandy Boren-Barrett

MCA is a 501c(4) nonprofit organization, which lobbies for & influences legislation. Dues/Membership payments are not tax deductible.