Arts Alert: Act Now: Save the Perpich Center for Arts Aducation!

Act Now!:

Save the Perpich Center for Arts Education

The Minnesota legislature is moving forward to close Minnesota’s only state resource for arts education, the Perpich Center for Arts Education. The Education Bill presented to the governor includes lanugage to abolish the agency and replace the 10-15 people who work on arts education statewide with a single new person at the Department of Education. Minnesota’s kids will not be better off.

Write your legislator now to save this unique and valued asset in Minnesota!

Perpich is the only resource provided by the State of Minnesota in arts education. They provide resources, curriculum and workshops for schools, educators, and teaching artists. For students looking for a focused experience, summer workshops are available, and the Arts High School is available for any Minnesota student.

Your messages can make a difference to save Perpich. Governor Dayton made his support of the Perpich Center public. The first version of the Education bill, however, recommends that Perpich be closed. We need to remind all of our legislators – again – of the importance of the arts, arts education, and the Perpich Center, before it’s too late.

YOU can make a difference. Let your legislator and the governor know how important arts education is to you, to your community, and to the entire state. Send a message immediately while legislative leaders and the Governor negotiate final deals.

From we know Minnesotans value the arts. We know Minnesotans value arts education. Perpich Center for Arts Education is right now the only resource in our state for arts education. Act now to keep this valued resource for students, schools, teachers and our arts community!

Act Now!


Sheila Smith

Executive Director

Minnesota Citizens for the Arts