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MCA Now Accepting Board Nominations


Nominations for MCA’s Board Now Open. Minnesota Citizens for the Arts is looking for new members for our Board of Trustees. Terms begin December, 2017 and will last for two years.

What makes the arts strong in Minnesota? We have great, talented artists. We have world class museums and orchestras. We have thriving arts communities in every corner of the state. And we have a higher level of arts participation than most of the country. Minnesota Citizens for the Arts is a statewide, grassroots political organization that works to increase support for the arts in our state. We lobby the legislature and congress on behalf of the non-profit arts and also produce research to support arts advocacy. We created and passed the arts portion of the Legacy Amendment with many legislative partners that now funds the arts across Minnesota. Learn more at and

The full MCA Board meets four times a year in addition to holding an annual Arts Advocacy Day at the State Capitol in St. Paul. All members serve on committees that meet primarily by phone.

Interested? Fill out the form below and return it by November 14, 2017 by email, fax, or by snail mail to the address below. MCA’s bylaws ensure that board representation comes from all over the state. Half of MCA’s 36 board members must come from the Twin Cities metro area, and half from Greater Minnesota.

MCA seeks board members who:
Have mix of party affiliation, and provide balance in terms of the size or type of organizations represented on the board (large, medium, small, arts education, individual artist, etc.)
Provide other balances in terms of representing the state or the arts community (ie diversity in terms of age, race, etc).
Are people with political connections, political strategists, and people with an understanding of the political process, or are willing to learn.
Have clout within their organizations and/or peers, and have the ability and willingness to communicate about the need for arts advocacy.
Have a willingness to work, volunteer and join us at our meetings.
FYI, your nomination to the board is more likely to be successful if you are a paid member of MCA and if you have previously been a part of Arts Advocacy Day, the Legacy campaign, or volunteered for the cause in some other way.
***(Please do not nominate someone else unless you have discussed it with them first, and they have provided an answer to the question “Why do you want to be on the MCA board?).***
Successful applicants will be notified in November, 2017.

For further information, please download our Board of Directors Nominations Form and feel free to contact us with any questions at (651) 251-0868 or


October 15, 2017

Dear Sir or Madam:

Our organization is accepting proposals from CPA firms to provide bookkeeping services for our organization starting Jan. 1, 2018. We invite your firm to submit a proposal to us by November 15, 2017 for consideration. A description of our organization, the services needed, and other pertinent information follows:

Background of Minnesota Citizens for the Arts (MCA)

MCA is a 501(C)4 nonprofit organization whose mission is to advocate for access to the arts for all Minnesotans. Annual revenues are between $350,000 and $450,000 per year, and the organization employs 2-3 people in 1 location. The organization is membership-based and has approximately 1,000 members statewide. The organization has a June 30 fiscal year-end, and does an annual external audit typically in September of each year.

Services to Be Performed

Your proposal is expected to cover the following services:

  1. Compile the annual and month-end statements of financial position and the related statements of activities and cash flows of MCA.
  2. Enter cash disbursements into our accounting system using cancelled checks
  3. Enter cash receipts into our accounting system using deposit slips
  4. Reconcile our cash account
  5. Prepare routine general journal entries and enter them into our accounting system
  6. Prepare checks for monthly cash disbursements twice per month (to coincide with payroll checks) from approved invoices at our office, typically on the 15th and 30th of the month.
  7. Prepare the quarterly payroll tax reports (Forms 941, MW-1 and DJY-1) for MCA for the year from cash receipts and disbursements. Also prepare the annual payroll reports (W-2, W-3, MW-3, 940, 1099 and 1096) for the year.
  8. Prepare compilations and fiscal year end reports for use by auditor, and meet personally with auditor on the day they do site visit.
  9. Currently our bookkeeping is done on Quickbooks at the bookkeeper’s location, with statements provided periodically and on request to our office. We would expect to create a similar relationship with a new bookkeeper.
  10. Currently the bookkeeping takes 8-9 hours/month.

Key Personnel

Following are key contacts for information you may seek in preparing your proposal:


Sheila Smith, Executive Director, 651-251-0868,

Please return the completed proposal to my attention at the address provided.

Your Response to This Request for Proposal

In responding to this request, we request the following information:
1.    Detail your firm’s experience in providing bookkeeping services to organizations in the not-for-profit industry, as well as associations of a comparable size to MCA.
2.    Provide information on whether you provide services to any related industry associations or groups.
3.    Discuss the firm’s independence with respect to MCA.
4.    Discuss commitments you will make to staff continuity, including your staff turnover experience in the last three years.
5.    Identify the five largest not-for-profit clients your firm (or office) has lost in the past three years and the reasons. Also discuss, in instances when loss of the client was due to an unresolved accounting matter, the process of attempting to resolve the issue(s).
6.    Identify the partner, manager, and in-charge accountant who will be assigned to our job if you are successful in your bid, and provide biographies. Indicate any complaints against them that have been leveled by the state board of accountancy or other regulatory authority, if any. Indicate any corrective actions that have been taken by the firm with respect to these people.

  1. Describe how your firm will approach the bookkeeping for MCA, including the use of any association or affiliate member firm personnel and the areas that will receive primary emphasis. Also discuss the firm’s use of technology in the audit. And finally, discuss the communication process used by the firm to discuss issues with the management and audit committees of the board.

8.    Set forth your fee proposal for the 2018 calendar year, with whatever guarantees can be given regarding increases in future years. Your fee proposal should also delineate hours by level of staff.
9.    Describe how you will bill for questions on technical matters that may arise throughout the year.

  1. Furnish current standard and discounted billing rates for classes of professional personnel.
  2. Provide the names and contact information for other similarly sized clients of the partner and manager that will be assigned to our organization for reference purposes.
  3. Describe how and why your firm is different from other firms being considered, and why our selection of your firm as our bookkeeper is the best decision we could make.
  4. Include a copy of your firm’s most recent peer review report, the related letter of comments, and the firm’s response to the letter of comments.

Evaluation of Proposals

MCA will evaluate proposals on a qualitative basis. This includes our review of the firm’s peer review report and related materials, interviews with senior engagement personnel to be assigned to our organization, results of discussions with other clients, and the firm’s completeness and timeliness in its response to us.


Sheila Smith

Executive Director

Volunteer Opportunities

Minnesota Citizens for the Arts is always looking for volunteers. If you are interested  contact Mark Albers or 651-251-0868.

As a volunteer, you can help MCA achieve its goal of allowing all people the opportunity to have access to and involvement in the arts.

Volunteer opportunities are available throughout the year but most often take place during the legislative session. They range from in-office work, such as helping to prepare mailings and phonebanking, to field work at events like our annual Arts Advocacy Day.

Please check back for future online postings or contact MCA to add your name to our Volunteer E-mail List and you will be alerted of upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with MCA!