Arts Alert: Arts Advocacy Day Crowds Urge Legislators to Support Arts Funding

Arts Advocacy Day Crowds
Urge Legislators to Support Arts Funding

Well over 500 arts advocates came together to talk to legislators about the importance of the arts in their communities on March 12. The halls of the Capitol were bustling with arts advocates and legislators talking about how state arts funding to the Minnesota State Arts Board and Regional Arts Councils increases access to the arts in every corner of the state and how the Arts Give Back to our communities.

Thank you to everyone who came to the Capitol and made an impact in support of arts funding! More pics from the day are on

MCA’s Facebook page.


Sen. Scott Dibble takes a selfie with arts advocates from his district.

LaTia Childers from the MCA Board, with friends, and MCA Board Member Andrea Specht talks to her legislator about the importance of the arts.

The team from the Brainerd Lakes Area and Grand Rapids heads to the Capitol for legislator meetings, including Mark Turner, MCA Board members David Marty and Kathy Dodge, and Vicki Chepulis.

Didn’t make it to Minnesota’s


Please take five minutes to

Urge your legislators
to support state arts funding!

MCA Board Members Leslie LeCuyer and Amy Hunter and other arts advocates urged legislators to support the arts.

Senate Legacy Committee Chair Carrie Ruud and House Legacy Committee Chair Leon Lille speak at the Rally in support of arts funding.

Morgan Baum and Kristin Makholm, both MCA Board members, and MCA Interns Keliyah Perkins and Monica Maria Segura-Schwartz get everyone signed in.

Rally sing-along of “America the Beautiful” with MacPhail Center for Music Faculty Mikyoung Park & Timothy De Prey, and MCA Executive Director Sheila Smith talks about the 10 year impact of the Legacy Amendment.

Congratulations to Amy Stoller Stearns of Detroit Lakes, MCA Board Member, who won the Larry Award, given to an unsung hero in arts advocacy! What else can you do?

What else can you do?

There is more than just one way to share your support for the arts and Arts Advocacy Day.

We want legislators to know that “When you support the arts, the Arts Give Back!”

  1.  Contact your legislator and share with them how the arts and arts funding impacts your life.
  2.  Use MCA’s downloadable tools to share with others about how the Arts Give Back.
  3. Follow MCA on Facebook to share information about Arts Advocacy Day.
  4. Follow MCA on Twitter to share information about Arts Advocacy Day

Many thanks to all you wonderful Arts Advocates for all you dol!! Remember that it’s your contacts with legislators are what makes the difference for the arts.

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ALL PHOTOS: Anna Min except Sen. Dibble’s Selfie